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  1. I'm sure every site across both networks is getting a full audit. I agree. It would make sense to make all the upgrades on one tower visit/climb.
  2. Great information! Thank you! One thing we'll have to get used to is how quickly T-Mobile deploys stuff (except for the temporary effect of this pandemic). We've watched Sprint stagnate for so long over the years, so it'll be such a relief to see real progress for a change.
  3. That is a good question. Probably will never get an official answer from Sprint for that segment, but T-Mobile.... well, maybe from Legere if he was still running things.
  4. Interesting how they're breaking out the statistics now between Sprint and T-Mobile.
  5. So T-Mobile will have to keep filing those monthly "Band Reconfiguration" status reports to the FCC until the rebanding is complete. Here's the most recent one: https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10402116410705/800 MHz Report April 2020.pdf (Dated April 2, 2020) Still one public safety licensee and one non-public safety licensee remaining after all this.... Hopeless.
  6. Report: Metro by T-Mobile puts non-exclusive dealers on notice That's interesting...
  7. So this is a pretty significant vendor development..
  8. I think that the 600 MHz spectrum, combined with the increased economies of scale and buying power from the combined companies will really help with that.
  9. T-Mobile hit the spectrum jackpot with the Sprint Merger. It's going to be a monster of a network when they get everything aligned.
  10. Saw is adapting to T-Mobile's culture pretty quickly.
  11. One thing I noticed... He didn't "@" Sprint. He did "#" instead. Perhaps the new brand guidelines are already a thing? See this video from his Tweet as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gblKI87IcaM&t= EDITED: I just noticed in a later tweet that did "@" Sprint.... False alarm.
  12. I guess this is how we're going to get Network updates from this point forward? I have a feeling T-Mobile won't break-out Sprint Network information separately, except for transition-related information.
  13. I have a feeling this kind of stuff is deliberate in order to generate traffic from hate clicks. It's for when normal authorship just doesn't cut it.
  14. Yeah. I'm glad they kept him as well. Gunther was also a great public personality for Sprint. Dr. Saw has specific expertise of Sprint's 2.5 GHz (and its overall network) that's really important for network integration.
  15. My understanding from what I've read/heard is that T-Mobile's original Day Zero plan and plan moving forward was much more ambitious in terms of integration. However, given the COVID-19 Pandemic, they've decided to take a more conservative approach post-merger for the next 90 days. We'll see how that changes in the coming weeks/months.
  16. Some interesting info here about the pending ruling on the Tunney Act: https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/it-s-official-t-mobile-closes-sprint-merger-sievert-takes-over
  17. LOL! One of the best characters of all time. Karl Urban played the role brilliantly in the recent films. I think DeForest Kelley would have been proud.
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