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  1. Did you go to "About" and update your carrier settings? See: Wi-Fi Calling FAQ's iOS Devices: Wi-Fi Calling is only available on iPhone 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus models. It requires iOS version 8.3 and the Carrier Version 19.1 or higher. To update to iOS 8.3, go to Settings>General>Software Update. To update the Carrier Version go to Settings>General>About which will trigger the update. Complete this step after the 8.3 Upgrade.
  2. Not sure if this counts as Network Vision, but it is market-specific.... And great news! http://newsroom.sprint.com/blogs/sprint-perspectives/play-ball.htm "On-air just in time for Opening Day on April 6, Sprint’s new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) will enable fans to better capture and share some of this year’s biggest moments in baseball. With a seating capacity of 37,903, Sprint – a longtime sponsor of the hometown Royals – is the only wireless carrier serving The K with a DAS. Sprint’s extensive system provides voice and data service throughout the entire stadium utilizing all three of Sprint’s spectrum bands (1.9GHz, 2.5GHz and 800MHz)." Any KC baseball fans here?
  3. Jeez. Is WiFi calling support for iOS still coming? What could be causing the delay? Sprint already supports WiFi calling on Android and it uses the same vendor (Taqua) as T-Mobile does for its WiFi calling feature.
  4. Does anyone know the latest on WiFi Calling Support for iOS, and why it hasn't launched yet? Sprint's CFO made an announcement back on December 2, 2014 that it would launch in 60-90 days, but it's been radio silence since. What's going on?
  5. I wonder if SoftBank is kicking in any capital or if those recent Notes issues ($1 Billion and $1.5 Billion) announced on Feb. 19th are paying for it.
  6. You ought to let Marcelo Claure (@marceloclaure) know about this....
  7. I think this is worth tweeting Marcelo Claure (@marceloclaure) about to let him know...
  8. Yikes! Did you report the speed/coverage issues to Sprint Zone? You can also manually input the address.
  9. Sprint's coverage maps now show that Washington DC has Spark coverage! Yay! (This DC market Spark launch was part of the Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, Nashville, Portland, San Francisco and San Jose markets Spark launch that Sprint's CNO John Saw mentioned would happen late-February.)
  10. Did you report the Speed Issue in the Sprint Zone App? It's Washington, DC. See: http://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2015/02/18/sprint-lte-sprint-spark-network-expansion.html?page=all
  11. Big news for Washington DC! See: http://www.droid-life.com/2015/02/16/sprint-is-launching-20-new-4g-lte-markets-on-february-19/ "On February 19, at least according to a Sprint’s recently updated list of 4G LTE markets, Sprint customers should see 4G LTE connections in 20+ new markets, including Washington DC, Vail, Colorado, and Maui, Hawaii." Also see: http://newsroom.sprint.com/blogs/sprint-perspectives/sprints-network-gets-back-in-the-game.htm "Later this month our coverage maps will show our faster 2.5GHz speeds in portions of places like Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, Nashville, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, and Washington D.C. "
  12. See: http://www.kansascity.com/news/business/article9624833.html From The Article: The shakeup at Sprint Corp. continues with apparent plans to update or change its familiar yellow logo. Word of a pending action came early Sunday in a wee-hours tweet (source: https://twitter.com/marceloclaure/status/564315007970594817) by chief executive Marcelo Claure. He responded to a question about whether Sprint is “ever going to” update to a new logo or color. Claure’s reply: “good question....soon..Stay tuned.”
  13. :-) Would alien coverage be considered roaming? I use this to contact the mothership. Band 41 RF is fantastic!
  14. Nice. :-) Wasn't sure if the University of Phoenix Super Bowl stadium would be a giant Faraday cage for Band 41 penetration.... Levi's Stadium is outdoors...
  15. And the Band 41 from the COWS reached inside the Stadium?
  16. For its part, Sprint said it added mobile cell sites and that, INSIDE the stadium, it offered a 2X20 (40MHz) cellular system running on its 2.5 GHz spectrum. I didn't think Sprint's COWS did 2.5GHz... And the DAS didn't support 2.5GHz according to released specs... So where did this Band 41 network come from?
  17. See: http://arstechnica.com/business/2014/11/t-mobile-forced-to-stop-hiding-slow-speeds-from-throttled-customers/ The FCC ordered T-Mobile to stop "whitelisting" speed test data traffic back in November 2014.
  18. The Stadium DAS didn't have Band 41 so it wouldn't have mattered as far as that.
  19. Sprint got shortchanged on the DAS which lacked Band 41. This also wasn't an officially launched Spark market.... Hopefully the showing in Santa Clara, CA for the next Super Bowl is even better.
  20. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. How did you find this? Not a lot of specifics though on usage amounts.
  21. See: https://www.sprint.com/landings/iphone-ipad-bundle/ Sprint just announced a new offer that bundles together the iPhone and iPad and waives the monthly cost of a 16GB iPad mini 3 when both are leased through the iPhone/iPad for Life program and a 2GB data plan is purchased for the tablet. So: A 16GB iPhone 6 on Sprint’s $50 Simply Unlimited plan and a 16GB iPad mini 3 with a $30 2GB data plan will run $100 per month after the iPad’s monthly lease rate is erased in the form of a $17 monthly service credit. The bundle deal is fully customizable with the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2, as well as 64GB and 128GB models of all four Apple devices, available at an incrementally higher cost.
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