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  1. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nick-cannon-joins-radioshack-as-chief-creative-officer-300186936.html

    Um, seems like General Wireless has some control over RadioShack hires.

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    Wow. These creative director positions never seem to pan out. Just ask Alicia Keys about BlackBerry...




    Worth a read: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/10/30/overqualified-ashton-kutcher-nabs-job-as-lenovos-new-product-engineer/


    There’s a long tradition of companies aligning themselves with celebrities, not merely as pitchmen but in more figurehead roles. Justin Timberlake became a creative director for Bud Light Platinum, Lady Gaga the creative director of Polaroid, will.i.am the director of creative innovation for Intel, and Alicia Keys the global creative director for BlackBerry — which was somewhat dramatic considering that she was caught tweeting from the iPhone she said she’d given up after her title was publicly announced.

  2. Ive never been able to understand the depicted coverage on the voice map. Even when it was legacy cdma 1900mhz only (prior to NV) the map showed considerable swaths of no coverage between sites on interstates and highways in South MS where i most certainly never roamed and could hold a call without drop. I always figured it was the benefit of cell breathing as a result of very low users per site

    For a shopper worried about voice, Sprint's native voice maps still seem understated. If they could show LTE coverage the same as they show voice (ahem, tmo... Atleast per the casual users perception) that would be far more impressive, whether it was true or not.

    Tmo has got its users feeling warm and fuzzy about its coverage, no matter how overstated or simplified it is now being depicted

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    Sprint's Coverage Map page needs a complete redesign. I wouldn't mind it if they incorporated T-Mobile's Verified Coverage Feature using Sprint Zone or other background processes.

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  3. Sprint's (S) Management Presents at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Leveraged Finance Brokers Conference (Transcript) http://seekingalpha.com/article/3733776?source=ansh $S

    Sprint money guy talks about the progression of CA, the lease company money which they got yesterday in the books, roaming costs which he hates. However he didn't talk about the densification project.

    His comments on "fast cars" (NASCAR) and Network Branding were spot on. What a money pit that is.

  4. I'm learning that the east valley has substantially better coverage than the west valley.  


    The fine print on Sprints map says this is ideal outdoor coverage.  We all know that reality doesn't give coverage as good as illustrated.  Here's my neighborhood.  I can get B41 in only a couple places when very close to the towers.



    Permitting issues in that 3G area?

  5. They need band 41 in every tower and more. It is simple as that. The 120mhz of 2.5ghz spectrum is their only advantage over the others and they need to go further with it. If you have a city with 1000 towers and you put band 41 only 500 towers that won't cut it.

    They have to over match and over power the others three. They have the spectrum to do it.

    They have the Spectrum, but even with SoftBank's backing, Sprint doesn't have the gobs of money that AT&T/Verizon do, so it can't just throw money shotgun style at its network. It has to be smart. I trust Marcelo and his new team will get it done right this time. Sprint needs to touch every tower, but it needs to target the most important ones first.
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  6. That's the one thing that I am confused as to why they haven't fixed yet. Maybe they're trying to figure out a way to differ between non-CA and CA areas on the map and market them.

    Agreed. Hopefully that coverage map page gets a total makeover. IMHO, Sprint should have ensured this was sorted out before it launched "LTE Plus" as a replacement for Spark.

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  7. Spark hasn't been mentioned for a very long time and the tradition to this LTE plus moniker has been going on for months before the announcement with several of the new Sprint devices not having any Spark logo or anything of the sort in the software.

    True, but "Sprint Spark" is still used on the Coverage Map, under the Data Tab.



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  8. Sprint needs to get the stores/reps aligned on the same terminology and messaging.


    Sometimes Sprint needs to save itself from itself. The change to LTE Plus is adding another layer of content, and unless mentions of Spark are quickly removed and deprecated in all existing content, reps and customers could be confused.

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  9. I think we have our undisputed winner for T-Mobile network congestion. That is, unless someone magically can produce a 0 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up speed test.





    At least they'll be able to report it since the T-Mobile App is apparently gaining an issue reporting feature.




    That's one feature which I really like about Sprint Zone.

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  10. I drove I-68 west yesterday and despite the consternation of my wife I did look at signal check whole driving. Roamed on us cellular the whole way through western Maryland. We did stop on Frostburg and I pulled up a you tube video. Streamed flawlessly, hasn't counted against my roaming allotment yet... But I'm sure it will

    So US Cellular is one of those mystery roaming partners? Sprint hasn't said anything about LTE roaming since May 2015...




    Hoping things are still in motion with this.

  11. I never said NGN is fully funded.  I don't really know much about funding of NGN at all.  That info has not been released.  Marcelo has said he was taking his plan to Masa for funding.  Did all of it get funded?  I have no idea.  We are in wait and see mode.

    According to this June 4th article, it was "approved". No mention of who's paying though.




    "According to Sprint’s Spokeswoman Adrienne Norton, “Sprint has developed an approved network plan in partnership with SoftBank that will allow for a cost-effective network build on an accelerated timeline.”"

  12. Approximately around 20,000 by my estimates. Give or take.


    End of 2014 was a little north of 5000 which was heavily impacted by equipment shortages from Nokia and a bit from Samsung / ALU. 2015 was as smooth as can be.


    Would you say this build is going at a steady rate at this point, or has Sprint been able to increase the rate given additional financial/engineering resources or talent from SoftBank?

  13. They have already implemented pretty dramatic price increases as part of uncarrier 10. It will be interesting to see how they go this quarter given VZW in particular is swinging the bat very hard.

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    Indeed. For new customers purchasing Unlimited Plans, the difference between Sprint ($70/month) and T-Mobile ($95/month) is now $25/month... That's the biggest pricing gap between them that I'm aware of.

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  14. I'm not speaking of the future in these posts. Terrell352 is trying to contrast what Sprint has/hasn't done versus what Verizon did. We don't know what the funding of NGN is yet at all, or where it comes from. How much, if any, comes from SoftBank or Masa? Don't know.

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    Marcelo had to go to Tokyo earlier this year to get SoftBank's approval for it...




    A sign the money is coming from them, or just big boss oversight?

  15. That's all great

    But... If Sprint needs to slow down in completing projects due to money. Tmo and the other two kids are not slowing down. Isn't it a catch22?

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    That's a good point, but AFAIK, NGN is already fully funded. What other build/expansion initiatives are suffering for lack of money? (I can think of one: Western Pennsylvania, where GMO's rule the landscape).


    The delayed WiMAX shutdown seems to be the major project/build impediment at this point.

  16. SoftBank will not likely provide direct cash to Sprint until Marcelo gets Sprint to lean efficiency and a path toward financial growth. I believe Masa thinks that if he dumps money into Sprint too early, it will just go down the drain with nothing to show for it. Don't want to enable the old Sprint to do what it always has done.

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    That's a good point, but what needs greater efficiency at this point? Marcelo has implemented accountability for expenses and has assembled his new team of deputies to execute his vision for the company.
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  17. You know based on all the conversation here that SoftBank has not really invested much money in Sprint at all like everyone hoped they would.

    Marcelo has been told basically to right the ship first. Masa doesn't want to send good money after bad. Sprint has to get its problems fixed internally, then Masa may bring in more funding.

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    You could make the case that Masa overpaid for the stock based on current operations... But then again, the spectrum Sprint has (now combined with Clearwire) could mean otherwise. I just remember when as a Sprint shareholder during the acquisition, I was offered a choice of cash or new Sprint stock. I opted for cash... And so did many others... In fact, too many... So the cash buyout SoftBank provided wasn't sufficient and people like me wound up getting a mix of cash and new Sprint stock.


    See here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2013-07-08/holders-of-97-of-sprint-to-get-cash-in-softbank-takeover


    Maybe that burned a hole in the pocket... Or perhaps Sprint took more funds after the acquisition than Masa expected given how much fixing needed to be done.

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