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  1. 5G still hasn’t officially launched in DC, despite Sprint saying it was coming here in the “coming weeks” when Chicago was announced as launched on July 11th. I wonder if the delay is related to the “approved” merger.

    Until this merger is actually finalized/consummated, I’m concerned that Sprint will treat its Network with a “just enough to keep the lights on” mentality, not care about Rootmetrics rankings, etc. Of course, Sprint did this for a number of years under Marcelo when Capex was substantially reduced.

    Last quarter’s Earnings Numbers (which are more fully explained here) were pretty terrible, especially with the Postpaid losses. I’m not sure why they’d be any better this quarter.

    Post-announcement/pre-merger Sprint is definitely an awkward period.

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  2. 13 hours ago, techfranz said:

    Haven’t gotten Rootmetrics or OpenSignal to record my iPhone tests on the map.

    I guess I will just stick to to the iPhone engineering screen.

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    Rootmetrics has been working fine for me on my iPhone and I’ve seen the Map Layer update.

    Are you running speed tests and looking at the “Fastest Speed Found” Map Layer?

    Under Settings:

    Do you have the “Baseline Data Experience” setting enabled as well as “Send data Points Using” set to “Any Network”?

  3. 1 minute ago, Terrell352 said:

    They probably set up a small cell and made sure it was a bad location for the other 3 emoji23.png

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    For 5G it would have to be a Massive MIMO site I believe, but otherwise you’re right: They probably speed tested the other carriers here to do this.

    Fine Print probably says “does not include upload”.

    Sprint now has about 3,000 Massive MIMO sites deployed, which gives us a good idea of their 5G footprint. They’re going to need a lot more than this though.

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  4. 16 hours ago, nexgencpu said:

    Churn is also down YoY, despite of them weaning people off crazy promotions.

    It's all a show for the merger. Dire situation it is not. 

    Also, you say Capex is not helping?! I hope you mean you personally, because deployment is still on-going. 

    The crazy promotions should have been spent on capex instead.

    Those promotions were all for nought in my opinion. They didn’t wind up creating enough long term customers out of them. The underlying product didn’t convey a sense of true value without being on a promotion. People left because they didn’t perceive Sprint as a brand worth the regular cost.

    All these crazy promotions did was defer the customer losses we’re seeing now for a year or two or three. They didn’t make sense to do in the first place.

    Sprint missed a real opportunity for effective capex in the past few years, customer losses be damned, because they’re happening right now anyway and Sprint is well behind the curve on where it should be on its network. If the product improves, people won’t leave if they perceive value.... but if it doesn’t measure up, they won’t come in the first place.

  5. 1 minute ago, tyroned3222 said:

    Again as I mentioned. Although numbers are getting better sprint is not seeing any money! No return on investment at all, they lost 111 million for the quarter.. you carry to numbers over 4 quarters those are huge losses

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    The interest expense that Sprint is carrying alone is just punishing: “$619 million, which ate up $455 million in operating income and left the company with a $111 million loss.”

    I agree with you completely. The level of capex that Sprint is spending just isn’t enough to get ahead of the curve to reverse this trend. Instead, the amount they’re spending is effectively returning zero. They aren’t profitable and they aren’t gaining customers.

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  6. 2 hours ago, nexgencpu said:

    1.2B in Capex spent isn't the sign of a company that is completely defeated...

    For comparison "T-Mobile spent $1.8 billion on cash capex, excluding capitalized interest, compared to $1.3 billion in the first quarter of 2018 and $1.1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018."

    If you truly look deep into the numbers, Sprint really didn't do that badly at all. Especially considering they have rangled in most of those super discount heavy promotions. In fact, most wallstreet analyst had them pegged worse than they did. Even ARPU is slightly up Y over Y.

    At the end of the day, Its really about looking doom and gloom to finally get that merger approved, that is Masa's number one priority. 


    Sprint’s capex still hasn’t been enough to change the trajectory of the company, and the net losses show that. It’s enough to say they’re doing something, but it’s not enough to result in a major network transformation to gain customers.

    Should this merger fail, I believe Softbank will have to pitch in some major capital.

  7. 2 hours ago, belusnecropolis said:

    Honk Honk, welcome to clown world.



    Yeah, this is not a good look, capex surge or not. The capex hasn’t made a difference yet.

    The fact that people aren’t staying with Sprint without promotions means that Sprint’s underlying value proposition isn’t working, and that’s because it’s not perceived as a product that people are willing to pay more for, as is the case with Verizon (if their marketing and network awards are taken at face value) when the promos run out.

    When you do the math on 175k net losses, that’s almost 2,000 lines lost per day for the quarter! That’s not a sustainable trend line.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Terrell352 said:

    They didnt mention how many towers have 2.5ghz on them. Last we checked it was 80%. I was hoping it is 85% by now.

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    Since they didn’t report it, I have a feeling not much progess was made on that.

    Unless I missed it, they also didn’t say how many customers are still on Subsidized Plans.

    As there’s no actual Earnings Call, these questions aren’t able to be asked of management.

    Perhaps Saw would respond to a tweet question?... Unless legal tells him not to.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, red_dog007 said:

    It'll be interesting how the 5G plays out.  Right now, costs are up on Sprint if you want to be part of 5G.  Having to be on their absolute newest top tier plan.  Does Sprint even allow you to have a 5G phone and not be on the Unlimited Premium plan?

    This is the avenue that which New-TMobile will be able to easily raise rates buy pushing customers to newer plans, or having add-on for existing plans.  At the least a huge whole for reps to exploit. 

    As it is, 5G is more expensive.  even without this merger prices are going up.  Only time will tell if these newer higher prices become normal, or if 5G access will be sold on current priced lower tiered plans and/or without needing to buy 5G add-on to your plan.

    No. Apparently, you can’t even activate a 5G phone without the Unlimited Premium plan on the account.... unless you have a legacy ED plan.

    Good points here.

  10. Fiscal 2019 First Quarter Earnings are out...

    with a “Message from Management”.

    The company had 175,000 net losses in the current quarter compared with 57,000 net additions in the year-ago period and 8,000 net losses in the prior quarter.

    Sprint ended the quarter with 54.3 million connections, including 33.1 million postpaid, 8.6 million prepaid, and 12.6 million wholesale and affiliate connections.

    175k net losses... ugh.

    At least there are ~3,000 MIMO units on air now, but this gives you a sense of the pace of Sprint’s 5G deployment....

    “Better than expected”? Not the best take... 😕

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  11. 15 minutes ago, Tengen31 said:

    Odd. I thought new TMobile was keeping that?

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    They are “keeping” it.... sort of. Sprint sold it and is leasing it back for 10 years.

    New T-Mobile will assume the lease.

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  12. 1 minute ago, mattp said:

    why are they selling it 


    When asked about the transaction Tuesday, Sprint officials declined to discuss the terms of the sale, calling them confidential. 

    “Sprint is leasing back the space we need, and the Sprint headquarters will remain on the Overland Park campus,” Sprint spokeswoman Andrea Shores wrote in an email. “This sale enables us to use proceeds from the sale to reinvest in the buildings we plan to use in order to create a collaborative environment for Sprint partners — along with an innovative workspace to attract top talent.”

  13. Sprint and T-Mobile US campuses sell for more than $700 million total

    Sprint sold Overland Park campus for ‘modest’ price. Why that might not be a bad thing

    Sprint sold its Overland Park campus for $250.9 million — tens of millions of dollars below Johnson County’s appraised value of $342.5 million, according to research compiled by the investment research firm Moody’s.

    In exchange for what Moody’s characterized as a “modest” sale price, Sprint secured a 10-year lease of office space well below market rent.

    Wow. 🙁

  14. 1 hour ago, Dkoellerwx said:

    Redundant sites will be collocated and the original Sprint site decommissioned yes, but anywhere the Sprint site adds to T-Mobile coverage they will be retained, with T-Mobile bands added. Coverage should only grow, not shrink.

    So basically the entirety of both networks is getting a coverage and capacity audit?

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  15. 9 minutes ago, dro1984 said:

    Sprint has been very strange this way in the last earnings call also!   Don't know why they are doing this... there are no secrets to any of this.       This is the type of "don't tell the consumer or the investment house anything" type of management that it has become to be.   Won't miss any of it and will be glad when those people running the show are gone.     I was at least hoping to hear an update on the ongoing negotiations with the Suing attorney general's offices.    I heard from 14 they are down to 9 that are still suing ... so that is progress.     Mum's the word from Sprint... thanks Sprint.    (not)

    I guess they don’t want to be in the position of having to answer questions they don’t want to answer during the call. Could result in some awkward silences.

    This move is coming straight from legal if you ask me.

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