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  1. 2 hours ago, RAvirani said:

    Champaign, Illinois, a town of probably about 150,000 people, has 5 M-MIMO sites. We're seeing permits and swap outs for M-MIMO all over the greater Seattle area even though Seattle isn't an official launch market. I'd say Sprint is moving full steam ahead with NR upgrades. 

    As dire as Sprint's accountants are making their situation look, they are more than capable and more than ready to survive sans-merger. 

    That is encouraging. The service has definitely improved in the parts of DC that I frequent. However, when I recently ventured out to the MD suburbs and was in the areas along Maryland State Route 200 (Intercounty Connector), service and speeds were definitely lacking and need improvement.

    I need to venture down to National Harbor to see if improvements have been made there as well.

  2. 2 hours ago, clbowens said:

    This is interesting:  https://www.engadget.com/2019/11/07/t-mobile-5g-network-december-6th/


    I wonder what happens if the merger isn't finalized by Dec 6, since it says the launch is dependent on the merger going through.  Would it cover less people or the launch would be delayed?  Opinions?

    Here's T-Mobile's Official Press Release: https://www.t-mobile.com/news/supercharged-uncarrier-moves


    The company is lighting up nationwide 5G on December 6, covering more than 200 million Americans and more than 5,000 cities and towns across the country including millions in rural America.


    Sprint Press Release: https://s21.q4cdn.com/487940486/files/doc_financials/2019/q2/01_Fiscal-2Q19-Earnings-Release-FINAL.pdf


    Sprint completed the initial launch of its True Mobile 5G network and recently announced that the service now covers approximately 16 million people within nine metropolitan areas – Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Washington, D.C.

    That's quite a difference. Hopefully Sprint hasn't put its 5G expansion on pause pending the merger. Shows what sufficient lowband and sufficient capex can do in my opinion.

  3. On 11/1/2019 at 10:27 AM, dro1984 said:

    From Market Realist News:

    Sprint (S) is set to release its second-quarter earnings results on November 4 before the market bell. The company’s second quarter ended on September 30. It won’t host a conference call with analysts after releasing its earnings results. 

    Odd!   this is the second time Sprint will not do a live Earnings call.    This just says (to me) the news will not be very good.  

    Yup. It's probably also because they didn't want to be asked any questions about the pending merger. This is coming straight from legal.

  4. 3 hours ago, dkyeager said:

    Early on he did invest some money directly into Sprint.  With out it Sprint would have went bankrupt at that time.  Various financial methods and tech tech sharing (tiger teams, etc) as well.   Just not the sugar daddy we all hoped for.  Much easier to raise money for mergers than ongoing failing operations.

    I'm just stunned that Masa was willing to blow so much money on other investments (some of which imploded) when he essentially hobbled and devalued his Sprint investment without adequate capitalization.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, dkyeager said:

    From talking with cell site firms, T-Mobile prefers to have their own back haul. It will be interesting to see what they choose to do with Sprint's internet provider holdings -- do they sell given it is a offchute business or do they build it up?


    I didn’t know T-Mobile ran its own backhaul. That’s interesting.

    Good question. If Sprint was ever given enough resources to run its own backhaul, it would have been a stronger competitor. There are rumors/stories out there about deliberate “incompetence” by the big two on Sprint’s backhaul orders. Are they true?

  6. 16 hours ago, nexgencpu said:

    My point is, as many have pointed out in the past, that in order for small cells to be effective they need a healthy dose of Macro sites to compliment them.

    Small cells, while beneficial, seem like a sunk cost that was done for short-sighted budgetary reasons. I may be mistaken, but I recall these small cells being limited to 2xCA. I don’t believe they are upgradable to 5G either, as my understanding is that 5G is limited to Massive MIMO sites.

    Sprint doesn’t have that healthy dose of macro cells. These sites were put in as a band aid so that Marcelo could say that he was doing something, but this was all part of his bare minimum to nothing Network strategy for quite some time.

  7. On 9/25/2019 at 12:27 AM, dkyeager said:

    All of the Band 71 equipment is 5g ready. It needs smartphones and firmware updates. Hopefully the backhaul needed is already installed. Given the same bandwidth, band 71 5g is expected to be twice as fast. This may not sound like much, but when you are at the edge of the cell or indoors it could make a world of difference.

    T-Mobile seems to do a better job of planning and deploying backhaul than Sprint has.

    I wonder if the New T-Mobile will have greater leverage or economies of scale for backhaul deployment.

  8. 2 hours ago, bigsnake49 said:

    OK, I have no idea what they'r talking about but supposedly Altice's 19,000 small cells in the Long Island area have not improved Sprin't's performance:


    Considering Sprint disclosed in the last earnings report that it has around 35,000 strand mounts or small cells deployed nationwide, I’m quite surprised that 19,000 of them would be on Long Island.

    Has the deployment of small cells or strand mounts helped in other markets?

  9. 18 minutes ago, Terrell352 said:

    No Sprint was messing around the whole time. Remember they said the reason they didn't participate in the 600mhz auction was not due to lack of funds but due to lowband being and I quote "Specturm of the past" which we all know now is BS. Then they all of a sudden say less than two years later that they can't compete due to lack of lowband.

    They have barely deployed 25/41 CA too even though it's just software. NV 1.0 was VoLTE ready. It a series of questionable events and bad management. Also Softbank has been almost useless focusing on other failing projects rather than Sprint.

    I wonder what would have happened if dish got Sprint instead of Softbank?

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    Yup. Exactly right. "Spectrum of the Past".... That's a keeper, given the present situation. Here's what happened to the CFO who said that: https://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2018/01/08/departing-sprint-cfo-will-see-multimillion-dollar.html (He left on Jan 31, 2018. Not sure why he couldn't wait until March 31, 2018 to leave and get substantially more money.... Makes me suspicious that he was pushed out of Sprint. No proof, just a hunch.)

    It's just a shame what's happening here. This merger was/is so unnecessary.

    I can't imagine Dish would have managed Sprint worse than SoftBank has.

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  10. 1 hour ago, BlueAngel said:

    Was just in my local Home Depot a few minutes ago, 3/5 bars and service was un-usable. The whole few block radius was useless, I am so ready for the merger like now!

    Were you on Band 26?

    What this shows in my opinion is that Sprint needed more low band spectrum, and that it should have bid on the 600 MHz spectrum instead of proceeding with a risky monopole strategy... and it's ironic that one of Sprint's primary justifications for the merger with T-Mobile is its lack of low band spectrum. Yes, Sprint could have deployed it by now with sufficient capex. Look what T-Mobile has done with it so far: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191028005710/en/T-Mobile-Maintains-Unprecedented-Momentum-Q3-Sets-Stage

    • Deployment of 600 MHz spectrum: At the end of Q3 2019, T-Mobile owned a nationwide average of 31 MHz of 600 MHz low band spectrum. As of September 30, 2019, we had cleared 231 million POPs, and we expect to clear spectrum covering approximately 275 million POPs by year-end 2019. T-Mobile continues its deployment of 4G LTE on 600 MHz spectrum, using 5G-ready equipment, with 1.4 million square miles already lit up, covering 200 million POPs in nearly 8,300 cities and towns in 48 states and Puerto Rico. Combining 600 MHz spectrum and 700 MHz spectrum, we have deployed low band spectrum to 311 million POPs. Currently, more than 26 million devices on T-Mobile’s network are compatible with 600 MHz spectrum.

    Failing that, Sprint needed to have a much more aggressive Airave/Magic Box deployment at major retailers across the nation to address its lack of low band spectrum.

  11. 3 hours ago, S4GRU said:

    I actually think that's not bad seeing how the company has been stuck in limbo with regulators for a couple of years now.  It exceeds my expectations, really.


    If I may ask, what were your expectations for the quarter?

    To me, it seems the bottom is dropping out of Sprint. Not NEXTEL-level attrition, but the core of the company is disintegrating as represented by Postpaid losses. The network is improving but customers are still leaving or churning through. Churn is disturbingly high and if you look at Sprint's liquidity position, those maturities are also eating into what funds are available for CapEx. Although Capex has exceeded $1 Billion/Quarter for the past 6 quarters, it's still not enough/fast enough to get ahead of the curve in my opinion. The fat has finally been trimmed from the company, yes, and it's great to see how Sprint has optimized its digital channels, improved the website, and the My Sprint app. However, Masa never put in the capex funds that were needed for Sprint to be a true competitor. He seemed to have money for everything else: ARM, Boston Dynamics, Uber, WeWork, etc.

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  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/26/softbank-taking-masayoshi-sons-sprint-playbook-to-wework.html

    Well this should work out well...

    I’m so disappointed in Marcelo as a CEO. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a long time, but when I look back on his Sprint tenure and the things he failed to prioritize/accomplish, it just feels like he phoned it in...

    Maybe my blame is misplaced. Perhaps It goes all the way up to Masa, and Marcelo wasn’t about to submarine his future at SoftBank to cross him.

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  13. Amazing how much money SoftBank had to burn on WeWork versus the neglect/scraps that Sprint was given:




    I mean, look at that.

    This merger is a complete farce.

    This, along with the billions it has sunk into other ventures shows that SoftBank could have funded a massive capital expenditure for Sprint to right the ship, and that it could have provided funds for Sprint to acquire a substantial amount of 600 MHz spectrum in the auction.

    Of course, one of the primary justifications Sprint has given for the merger is its lack of lowband spectrum. Go figure.

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  14. 6 minutes ago, belusnecropolis said:

    I remember when I tore down a few magic boxes, I found Sercomm was the vendor who made the relay radio in the OG and 2 versions. Now they just made a whole box. Pretty cool. 


    One of you guys needs to get one and break it down. FCC pictures aren't the same.

    Breaking means buying though right?

    Is Sprint still going to use Airspan as an equipment provider?

    Interesting how the nomenclature changed from Magic Box Gold to Magic Box Silver...

  15. 4 hours ago, Terrell352 said:

    It's the backhaul. Sprint has been half assing it the whole time


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    Sprint needs to spend more on backhaul and less on kombucha: https://www.kansascity.com/news/business/article235439977.html (See the Video)

    Yes the employees need morale boosters right now to prevent a talent drain. For what it’s worth from me, the best morale booster is a better product, not kombucha.

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