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  1. That might be the problem, from what I've heard, T-Mobile is not wanting to support LG devices anymore for some reason. The G8X is the only device on my account that is LG, and the only one I get anything about needing to replace. The phone is still under a lease agreement, even! LOL I'm thinking about trying a TNX sim in it to see what it does. Of course, I'll have to pry it out of the kid's hands, first.
  2. Well, I'll have to lock to B25 or something to map some of them in my area! We have so much n41 and T-Mobile B41 that locking to B41 would be pointless!
  3. Billing and customer service has been a huge pain in the rear. I wanted to cancel a tablet line and add watch, same number of lines, could not do it without a $250 deposit, due to the number of lines. No way around it, I went pretty far up through T-Mobile's customer service, finally paid it, get a bill credit for the $250. I've been a Sprint customer for 21 years, it was frustrating to go through this! They also have an issue with the amount financed, which were sold as get free device for a new line.
  4. Mine jumped by $5 per line, but was offset by the reduced taxes and fees, overall it is about $12 a month less.
  5. I think they're slowly switching everyone over to these plans. Mine just switched this current billing cycle, and I have a bunch of lines that are not TNX, in fact I think most aren't even TNA.
  6. Maybe we can get Lily from AT&T to come over to T-Mobile?
  7. In my experience with TNX, in an area with really good coverage of both networks, my phone will switch between networks as needed. At home, I'm in a really small "black hole" of T-Mobile coverage, and in a really good area for Sprint, so it switches to B41, and once indoors (old house with aluminum siding) it goes to B25, or B26. It uses the 312-250 PLMN on the Sprint tower. Sometimes it will switch to the 311-490 PLMN, which does not switch seamlessly back to T-Mobile, but it keeps me on the network. It sounds as though you're in a very sparsely covered area! As for Wii calling, I have not had a very positive experience with it. It seems to come and go, even with higher end networking equipment (Ubiquiti) With TNX, the equivalent to ##72786# is popping the sim out and back in. I have never had to do so, with the exception of error on my part.
  8. I have not seen CA on either with TNX. CA on Sprint B41 is reduced to 2X around here as well. Where the "magic" happens is n41 NSA. So far, I have not seen very fast speeds out of n41 SA.
  9. TNX has been fantastic for me, in central Ohio. I can confirm that it will seamlessly switch between 310260 native T-Mobile towers, and 312250 "Sprint Keep" towers, without me doing anything. I see it daily on my drive to work, AND at home. This has been a relatively recent change. Something has change recently, however. Before, I was able to connect to my Magic Box, 311490 PLMN, then it would either hang on to that PLMN, or switch back to native T-Mobile, 310260. Now my home site is using the "Keep" PLMN, 312250 and the phone will not connect to the magic box. Other device will, such as my iPad. Something else of note, my native Sprint line (no ROAMAHOME or MOCN) will roam seamlessly on 312250 on T-Mobile sites if I band lock to B2, B66, B12. There's a lot going on with the back end to integrate the networks without even doing anything on our devices. Also, what is working a certain way today may work differently tomorrow! One other thing of note: I have been noticing a HUGE speed increase with NSA n71, with B66 as the anchor band, and B2, B71 CA. I have been hitting over 300 Mb/s. Again, Columbus, Ohio market
  10. To add to this, the one site in my market that has n41 SA is not very fast when using it SA, but when combined with AWS it's really fast. I'm not sure if tis is a configuration thing on the tower though.
  11. Similar, except it's BAD for me at home! For some reason, I'm in a small area of poor reception on T-Mobile. I'm pretty close to a Sprint site, but it's not marked as "keep" and therefore roaming. The Magic Box is of very little use these days as well. Practically everywhere else, it's as good, with usually better speeds!
  12. Unless something has changed, NO. SA 5G requires the T-Mobile R15 sim, even for T-Mobile customers, from what i've seen.
  13. There's a rural site east of Columbus that I pass every day. To me it makes little sense in that location, but it could be that they're using it for testing in that sort of setting. It DOES provide some fringe coverage to an industrial park area, and is not far from some major data centers, although I don't think coverage extends out to the DC's.
  14. The article says, and shows a curved display on the Ultra. It's not a deal breaker for me, but I would also like to see a flat screen. It sure looks like a a big nothing burger for most, other than the external design stuff. I'm more interested in the x60 model stuff, since I learned about it a while back. NR CA, voice over NR, etc. I'm not sure that's enough for me to upgrade from the S20 Ultra, however. I just don't know that there will be enough NR deployed (in my area) in the next year to make a significant difference over the S20U.
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