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  1. And with T-Mobile CA isn't very persistent. It seems to only come on when needed, except I have been noticing n71 quite a bit when idle, of late.
  2. Thanks for that explanation, that makes a lot more sense of why they do it! I HAVE been noticing that n71 has been staying connected a LOT more this past week or so.
  3. We certainly have N71 out here (I'm in the same area as UPdownLoAD), I think it's on both of the closest towers. I have definitely seen B25+B41, up to x4 on Sprint recently (before I was on T-Mo service) but it's a notoriously bad tower, maybe a backhaul issue. One thing I have noticed about CA is that Sprint seems to connect it whenever possible, where T-Mo seems to only add CA as needed, actively data transferring.
  4. How has B41 been for you in Columbus? I'm on a S20U, therefore T-Mobile service, and the only place I see B41 is at home, where I get a strong B41, until I get a mile or so down the road and I hit T-Mobile. I live in a small "black hole" of T-mobile weak coverage. I haven't taken my S10+ out that is still getting Sprint service to see how it compares to before. When I do latch on to B41 with my S20U, it's usually 3X 20Mhz CA.
  5. I finally got around to an actual test, in the same location, first with 5G enabled, 7.42 D/L and 0.07 U/l 45ms ping. Then just a couple minutes later, after the reboot from switching to LTE/CDMA mode, 33.8 D/L and 6.31 U/L with a similar 44ms ping. This was pretty far from the tower, but I've noticed similar differences in many locations. Also, I have not had a verified connection to n71 in about 5 days, looking in the *#0011# screen, while a speedtest, or other data in use.
  6. Now that I've verified that the tower location was wrong, I moved it. The coverage pattern for that tower on cellmapper makes much more sense now.
  7. I'll run some tests tomorrow, I don't get T-Mobile coverage at home, but I get excellent B41, outside. The Magic Box has been a help!
  8. I'm going to get the other sector of the tower verified before I do that, so far I've only logged 2 sides.
  9. I've found some that are flat out wrong in cellmapper, I'm about 98% sure of it. In fact, I think the tower was being upgraded over the past couple weeks (I'm sure the lovely weather has slowed them.) I'm mostly outside of, or just inside of I-270, northeast Columbus and beyond, most of the time. I'm new to tower locating and identifying, so it's a learning process for me!
  10. Long time lurker here, long time SCP user. FYI... I'm the guy in the bar that had SC on his phone! LOL First, I just wanted to thank you for this awesome tool. Second, I do have an occasional freezing of the app on my Galaxy S20 Ultra. It's usually when switching back and forth between the engineering screen to check CA, SCP, and the Speedtest app, to make sure it's still running. I have to go in and force close it to get it to run again. Now for a question: how accurate is the distance from the tower in SCP? I've had a few times that I can't figure out where it's picking up a tower, and now that I think about it, it could be a SC. Since the S20 U is now on T-Mobile, there are no site notes for the towers, and I'm trying to figure out where they are!
  11. So, I'm late to the party here. Columbus, Ohio market. I've had my S20 Ultra since a few days after launch (late pre-order) so I've been through the stuff mentioned through this thread. My issue is 5G. Before 5G was turned on, my speeds on T-Mobile were great! Maybe a bit slower than Sprint in a speedtest, but latency was better, and it "felt" faster. Then 5G was turned on, and I found out to check in the *#0011# service mode screen to see if n71 was working. It was, I was happy. Within a couple days, that totally changed. It seemed that I rarely got n71, and data was SLOW, maybe 1/3 of the speed as before 5G was turned on. When I do see n71, speeds are really good. For instance, 2 days ago, it was hitting n71 without active data transferring. Then yesterday and today, not even a blip of n71 when actively transferring. I found that switching the network mode to LTE/CDMA got my speeds back to good. It seems that I must get a profile update push when not looking and it turns 5G back on, or if I have to restart and forget to reset it. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?
  12. jporter12


    So, I’m. A LONG time lurker, have learned quite a bit from reading here, thought I should probably make my first post! Ben with Sprint since y2k, diehard Android user (was an HTC fan until I got stuck with a Bolt when my 10 died) have recently gotten my first ever Apple device, the 9.7” iPad. I’ve been seeing some interesting things here in the central Ohio area (I use Signal Check Pro regularly), and became a sponsor to see if any of it has been posted on the maps here.
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