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  1. payturr "If you are satisfied with your voice service and your ISPs for home & the cabin, try waiting it out." ISPs at both locations is fine. I've been waiting it out since the roll out of WiMax. My main concerns are the lack of coverage when driving around the mountains. It's a safety issue. We go 4x4 on the trails in the forest and don't want to be stuck with no signal. Sprint has been mostly great lately for phone service in the OC. Fewer droped calls than in the past. It's just frustrating to have 4 $600 plus devices (3 Iphones 6 & 6+ and a Note3) and being camped by default on ehrpd or 3g. Unable to do basic google search and speedtest is unable to connect to server half the time. Always having to do the airplane mode trick to get a better signal. Not meaning to rant but is legit issues. When I travel to other areas I get great LTE signal and with no problems about 75% of the time. Thanks for everyones input. I think I'll give up my unlimited plan & switch 4 of my lines to the new Sprint 40gb for $120 plan if they'll let me. (2 Iphone 6+ leases, 1 Iphone 6 under contract and a Iphone 5S off contract. That will leave my other 3 line to Tmobile's 10gb per device plan for $120 for up to 4 lines. I can always switch back my other 3 lines if/when Sprint improves their signal in the areas that matter to me most.
  2. WiWavelength Thanks for the insight. We use wifi at home and have been forced to purchase internet access at our cabin in the mountains as well. The only other viable option for the mountains was Verizon wireless and I wasn't going down that road with 7 lines!! Network Vision upgrades were completed in my "area" 6 months ago or more. (at least thats what I've been told on the 2 or 3 times I called to inquire about network problems) Thomas L. I'm leaning toward your solution also. I have a grandfathered plan now and have unlimited everything for a really good price. I hate to walk away from it as I don't see the possibility of matching it in the future by leaving and coming back. I tried a prepaid for 1 month on AT&T, Tmobile & Verizon already. Here's my results; Verizon is king in the mountains, better service than I get with Sprint when I'm in O.C.Too much money and my data usage would go way up (just because it works). Data speeds more usable than Sprints when out about OC & LA Co. Tmobile not as good in the mountains as Verizon but better than Sprints coverage. Same as Verizon in OC & LA Co. AT&T Last place in the mountains. Around my house in OC I got lte coverage inside my house (as did V and T). I noticed more dead spots alonge the 210 fwy and just plain no signal alot more in the mountains. I appreciate what SRGRU does for the Sprint community and have been a lurker for some time. Would love to contribute but am unable to at this time due to some recent personal financial problems. That being said, if anyone who has access to maps would like to chime in on band 26 & or other network upgrades for 90720 zip code(as to time frame & if at all), Id be forever gratefull. Don't want to be a leach but can't afford to plop down $100 right now to find out I have no choice but to switch carriers. I'd hate to switch to Tmobile prematurely to only find out that I should have stuck it out a little longer to have my problem solved. Thanks for any input you can provide to this 18yr plus Sprint fan boy.
  3. Some history first; Been through all the highs & broken promise Lows over the last 18 years with Sprint, currently have 7 lines. My main areas of concern are where I live and my retirement cabin which are in a semi Sprint dead zones. My Note3 will hold onto 3g for dear life. I have to toggle airplane mode to return to LTE signal (while standing in my back yard). Once I enter the house it drops to 3g. Speed test at 4g is slow at best. In my front yard it's 3g unless I walk into the center of the street, togle airplane mode then can pick up SLOW 4g again(until I walk to my front door.) i know note3 is missing band 41 which is suposto help. The wife's Iphone6 is 3g in my front yard, lte in the middle of the street and drops to 3g when entering our house also. When on 3g and walking into the back yard, airplane mode to froce it to 4g and it sticks to lte once you enter the house again. 1 to 2 bars, 17mb down with 1.3mb up. It will hold onto the lte signal. Does anyone have any insight to what I should expect with a Note5? Sprint has programed the system so if our 3g signal is stronger, my phone will want to stay there, Will carrier aggregation solve this problem or will the Note 5 try and hang onto the stronger 3g signal at all costs? I'm able to pre order the Note5 for $249 with a $200 SAMSUNG REBATE. Hate to get all excited and sign on for another 2 years if the Note5 will be doing what the note3 is doing. I get the whole ehrpd and 3g improving the cell phone experiance. At this point im more interested in being able to use more than the 5mb per month my 7 phones average and finally be able to use some of the unlimited data I've been paying for over the last 18 years. I'm in West Orange County, CA. and travel to the SAN Bernardino mountains weekly. Experts please chime in. On the fence to switch carriers but want Sprint to suceed and be there when they do!
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