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  1. I called it in earlier today, I also couldn't believe it either. I've never experienced b41 speeds drop like that. I did a speedtest on 26/25, B26 maxed out at 6 , 25 2nd carrier pulled a 27. I should have taken a screenshot, I was at walgreens(where this happened) the day before pulling 52 on the same signal strength
  2. Dang, This NEW site's already congested on b41, anything below -98 = Failed speed tests or 1 mb/s. But I guess, a new bar just opened right across the way... And It's a Friday night lol Also Anyone know what this wire is hanging from the top of this cell site?
  3. 14 days before my birthday.. darn! THE COUNTDOWN, HAS BEGUN!(Evil laugh)
  4. I went on a ride today and took a couple speed tests along the way, and when I sat down. I took a speed test and sensorly fc'd! i was at 400+ on LTE. I lost that and a few decent speedtests.:/.
  5. At a certain zoom level, i see some bright purple.. But it should be the whole area lol. We'll see, hopefully it's starting to update again
  6. I've been connected to b41 all day and I'm close to the site. I can't seem to shake it lol I find it pretty cool how Sprint has it set up.
  7. The one off covington/getz? Because.. This one is.. EDIT: B41 became live super early in the A.M, speeds have been increasing throughout the day.
  8. Having same problem, only thing that's mapping are speed tests :/
  9. How long after you're done mapping a trip, does it take to show up updates on the map?
  10. It was lol, Why I removed it and put only the new information in. Oops
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