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  1. I will no longer be able to provide info on Sprint anymore, as I've become a Verizon customer.
  2. Since this is a discussion thread, I'm just going to say that I wish my phone had a Sprint logo on it. Only so I could help promote the company. Also because I like the logo. What are your thoughts?
  3. The end of 2015 coverage, I don't see that happening. I have family that have T-Mobile and still lose coverage in the upper part of Michigan.
  4. I will admit, Verizon has some better pricing than AT&T on some data buckets. Like $120 for 20 GBs instead of $140 for the same amount.
  5. For those who may not know, will additional devices be added to the list, as they become available?
  6. nmartine3

    LG G3

    How do you un-root the phone, because it's a phone I got from craigslist.
  7. nmartine3

    LG G3

    Is anyone getting the issues where the Android System Update won't update, and keeps saying error?
  8. I'd like to see Apple snatch up all the 600 Mhrz spectrum in the next auction.
  9. The reason I asked about the Note 4 is because I prefer a removable battery and to be able to carry my music from my SD card.
  10. I wasn't sure wether to post it here or there, because it's more of a CA related question. I'll post there though, sorry.
  11. Does Sprint plan to bring back the Note 4, if so, will it have 2X CA?
  12. I would love a 6.4" display, as long as the specs are on point.
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