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  1. great pics!!! did you happen to see where the microwave radome was located on this site
  2. i will be in chicago next month for the weekend in the willowbrook area to be exact i will keep my eyes open.
  3. this is the ONLY site i know of that keeps up with the everyday happenings with sprint.
  4. lte devices most likely but i think we already have all the info on network vision maybe mr hesse needs to have a peak at this site he may get some info he may not even no about:)
  5. us sprint cutomers are in for a good year! seems they are ahead of schedule.
  6. they ask where i get all my info from and i refer them here most think im full of crap (lol)
  7. sprint is moving right along with network vision this is why i tell friends of mine to stick with sprint the future looks really good
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