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  1. Ok So I have a question that I hope someone can answer because I have no idea. So I downloaded Sensorly on the store phone at a corporate MetroPCS store and ran it. Its "riding the T-mobile" network so I wasn't surprised to see that it indicated it was using T-mobiles network during a speed test. BUT then I also downloaded Coverage check by Root Metrics and ran another speed test and this time it came up as using the MetroPCS network. Why the discrepancy? Im assuming that Sensorly uses a different method to detect the carrier than root metrics. Anyone know how one or both of these apps detects the devices current network?
  2. Thank you! So it's not actually downloading lots of data while mapping like a speed test would right? Just testing radio signal strengths. By the way in a corporate T-Mobile employee if you guys have any questions regarding our network
  3. So this is my first post and I couldn't resist responding after spending the past 2-3 hours patiently, yet curiously reading like two years of the past comments in this thread lol. I just discovered sensorly today and I'll not gonna lie, even with 7 years of cell phone sales/management, the app left me with tons of questions and this was literally the only forum I could find with any real answers. As I read the comments, almost all of my questions were answered. I loved the video of the guy running from the cops btw lol and the pic of the sensorly penis art Lmfao! Awesome stuff!!! SO HERE'S THE QUESTION: let's say I map a trip with the active contribution option enabled right? Let's assume I got all systems go in the background (streaming music, background data, a dozen accounts automatically syncing, Facebook, Twitter, etc)...does anyone know what kind of effect that may have (if any) on the data speeds, signal strength, etc? I love back roads and side streets and most of the ones I take to work and friends houses are completely unmapped! Including a long 7 mile stretch on a road twenty feet away from three gulf of Mexico. I want to map them but don't want to throw the data results off. Can anyone shed any light on this? Psssttt...cough..cough...sensorly representative...cough? Lol thanks for the inevitable feedback. I got work in the morning. Hopefully you guys get back to me before then!
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