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  1. A lot of the settings take extra taps now. I do not like it. It is visibly appealing but not as functional as Oreo. It seems like they made changes just to say it is something new.
  2. While tracking Sprint, I just edit the LTE bands on the phone - I don't use Network Signal Guru. I am not sure if that would help you since I don't know how NSG locks bands.
  3. One has not been started. I think you are free to do so though.
  4. I don't think it supports 4x4 on B41 It looks like bands 1,2,3,4,5,7 & 38 do
  5. This is the biggest problem most carriers. The game has changed and they, for the most part, have not adapted. It kills me when some of these towns turn down towers being built within the city limits. Verizon has started re-spacing their towers in my county. They have built 6 new towers in the last year. That is an impressive investment for a rural county.
  6. I don't have a strong preference either way. If I had to pick, I would say coordinates with geocoded address would be nice.
  7. I guess I like the option idea (preferences). I certainly don't want to mess it up for anyone else because I probably enter my notes differently. I just know that I am not normally sitting under a tower inputting site notes.
  8. I like the addition of the location button (HERE) in the site notes but I have found it was not very useful while on the freeway. On a recent trip, I would drive past a tower and click the "HERE" button but of course it could not find a full address. Would it be possible to have it enter just the GPS coordinates in the site notes? I then could go back later and and update the site note using my computer.
  9. I would not dispute coverage along the freeways. We have 8T8R equipment up here (between Lansing & Flint) providing coverage for the corn fields. I always thought it was kind of a waste. I can hit 80+ Mbps as I drive by at 75MPH. It blew my mind when they did not install 800 equipment on the towers to save money but yet they put up the best B41 equipment.
  10. That didn't take long for a negative headline. Sprint is asking customers to place these ugly 'Magic Boxes' in their homes to improve its network
  11. I don't think many of the east Michigan towers have 800 capable equipment. I haven't seen any retrofits.
  12. No - I hope to take some by next week. On the drive by, they looked similar to the pictures in the Columbus Premier thread.
  13. I found 3 small cells (Mobilitie) in Corunna, MI last night. Only 1 of the 3 was live so far.
  14. I think I understand both sides of this conversation. I really don't have many complaints about Sprint's network in my area, Owosso, Flint & Lansing, MI. It was awesome when they came through 2.5 years ago and installed B41 equipment BUT it kills me that they didn't install it on the most important tower in the county. We have a total 10 towers in the county. Sprint installed B41 on every tower except one. That one tower has highest usage/coverage of any tower in the county. I don't know why B41 was not installed - permit issues maybe? Tower weight? All I know is that 2 carriers of B25 doesn't cut it - unusable. They have had over 2 years to find a solution to the problem. I just feel like the other carriers would have done something by now.
  15. Investors do not like "reduced" prices. If everything goes as planned for Verizon, things will look different when they report quarterly numbers.
  16. This is brilliant/shrewd move by Verizon. Like the other carriers have done in the past, they have increased their prices on the lower levels and are hoping people will go to the highest price plan they offer --- but not use it. If they do use it, they now have the ability to curb it after 22GB. After losing subsidies on the ED1500 plan, I was waiting until mid-March to switch my 5 lines to the Verizon Large plan. I have 1 phone on contract until that time. The plan would have given us 18GB a month (plenty for us) for $34 per line before taxes. Now, I can only get 8GB for that price. Did anyone see that to get the auto-pay discount, you must pay with debit or checking – no credit cards? I would certainly have to think about that before handing over my bank info.
  17. I don't understand why people worry about the companies. I am going to focus on what provides the best value for my family, not what is best for Sprint. By the way, I would call this a greedy move by Sprint so I guess that makes them just like AT&T and Verizon.
  18. Sure - why not? It is about value. Removing contract subsidies puts Sprints prices close to the other carriers for me. Take my family for example, we don't use a lot of data so moving to Verizon will not cost very much more than Sprint and it will provide a better network for us. Before the removal of subsidies, the price difference was too big to make the jump.
  19. Mobilitie sure has a lot of trouble getting their permits through http://flinttownshipview.mihomepaper.com/news/2016-07-14/News/Twp_board_rejects_cell_tower_application.html http://thecitizenonline.com/village-county-will-battle-right-of-way-issues/
  20. That is great news. The farthest east I have seen 1x800 was Ovid on M-21. I don't think any of the towers around me have 1x800 equipment. Maybe I will have to take a closer look.
  21. The camera sounds great but I don't take many pictures. I don't really care about VR either. I guess I will pass on purchasing right now.
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