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  1. Thanks, I was hoping for a 22XXX SID, but I got kind of confused when I saw 4159. I didn't know if I was looking at the right thing because I expected that even if I didn't see 22XXX that I would at least see something that was 5 digits and not a 4 digit number.
  2. Digi I just flashed your 33010 PRL to see if I could get 800 smr off of the Behrman tower. This is what I got. The sreenshots are from the 1x Engineering Protocol screen and lordsutch's Signal Detector app.
  3. LoL, Same age. My lil bro started UNO in '98, but we grew up in Plaquemines parish.
  4. Was wondering If I might have known you from way back in elementary/middle school. There was a J Zeto who was the same age as my brother at St Jude.
  5. bigzeto, out of curiosity does your first name start with "J"?
  6. Laying on the sofa in my living room, I can't wait until we all get this everywhere.
  7. Ouch that's gotta hurt. I'm happy to have LTE at home, but I don't need it here because of Wifi. That almost looks like what I used to get at the ex's house in Algiers. I hated sprint when I used to go there a lot. Most of the time I couldn't even run a speed test or connect to anything until late at night or very early in the morning. Her house is like right outside of the edge of the Behrman tower that I get LTE off of now. 3G has improved on the tower closest to her, but nothing to get ecstatic about. I'm really looking forward to getting 4G at work and places away from home that I go to th
  8. What would keep an accepted site from broadcasting LTE for long periods of times like we have seen on some sites?
  9. It seems like everything on the westbank right now is coming from 2 towers here (3 if you're including Luling) with some random spots being lit up from the eastbank.
  10. We had a site in the NOLA market go from legacy panels to network vision and broadcasting LTE in less than a week.
  11. Yea, I was thinking that they may be ramping deployment up also, at least that's what I'm hoping. It's amazing how a site like Gonzales can sit there accepted by Sprint for so long and another site can come up in a week. Your theory from another post about them just moving on to sites with the more reliable backhaul vendors is seeming more accurate. It seems Ericsson may be moving faster than some of them can keep up. On another note, has the Behrman site been reported to Robert as accepted yet? And, what are the chances that a site that comes up so fast is just up for testing and will go
  12. Man Digi, I'm too slow. We made almost the same post. :-)
  13. I did a lot of mapping around the Behrman tower yesterday and today. The other serving cells are 21 and 359. I couldn't believe how fast it's come up. I posted pics about a week ago with the panels still on the ground at the tower. The 190 serving cell seems to cover a lot of area. I can get 20 megs down inside of my condo from this site and I'm at the back of Park Place.
  14. About to take a look at something and post my findings in the other thread, but yes I did a lot of mapping today. I love sensorly It's great resource especially for non-sponsors. Everyone should keep an eye on it because a lot of sites are getting mapped really quickly.
  15. For those on the Nola Westbank, I'm getting LTE around the Behrman/Park Place area. It is showing on sensorly. There's also more information in the sponsors section.
  16. We Sensorly doesn't show tower's but you may be able to get and idea of where some are from it. We do have tower maps in the sponsor area
  17. When I see a tower I can't even tell if it's a cell tower or something else, lol. I've seen maps with sprint towers, but I have never actually tried to find them. I will probably see what I can find this weekend. Any suggestions or specifics I should be looking for.
  18. No not really, I was glad for the little piece of Wimax that we had when I had the original EVO even though it wasn't announced I was mainly just hoping that I would actually see LTE where I actually live sooner rather than later. Me too, Really wouldn't matter if they ever announced that the tower closest to my house was upgraded to LTE. I would still be a happy camper to look at my phone and see it on. Great news, any ideas how New Orleans is doing schedule wise. I know everyone wants to be next, but it does kind of suck when Verizon has had LTE here for over a year and A
  19. I was in a sprint store the other day and a rep said that they are hearing we should have LTE by the Superbowl and that wouldn't surprise me. We unofficially have some Wimax here in a very small area now. It's just confined to pretty much the popular tourist areas. With upgrades supposedly starting here this month and New Orleans being touted as one of the next major markets that will be getting LTE, I was wondering if we might see it a little sooner, and will a decent area be covered like on the westbank or up to Baton Rouge which is part of the market. I hope they don't just call it launche
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