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  1. Called the two stores - still no luck but I finally got a good store rep. He offered to run inventory on Boston stores. When he found a few had inventory he offered to call them for me since he knows some of the reps. Waiting for the call back now. Whether or not it is successful he at least restored some faith in the store staff.
  2. They were both in well off areas in and near Boston, are reasonably good sized, and have repair sections. One occupies around 50-60% of a former Borders bookstore so its rather large with a repair section. I tried using the UICC keyword, the fact that its the same card as the S4 and HTC One, to no avail. My other theory is that Boston's college techie crowd has already gone and cleaned these stores out. I am going to try calling a few tomorrow morning when they open.
  3. I may end up doing that depending on how long it takes for the SIM back order to come in. Actually it might work as they are already crediting me $13 for the overnight shipping. I was very surprised today when I called to correct an order # typo (my fault, I wrote 5 instead of 7) - they immediately offered to get the supervisor before I said a word as the call system showed that I called 11 times in the last few days. Actually 2 multi-hour phone calls which had lots of internal conferencing and transfers between Support, International, and Telesales as they tried to figure out what to do.
  4. Yeah, Google is shipping extremely fast. My ship by 11/15 32g black arrived yesterday early afternoon. Of course, the "overnight for free because it took Sprint so long to figure out how to order SIM card" order that was placed yesterday looks like it might not arrive until Monday. *sigh*
  5. Yep. I am stuck in the Catch-22: the system won't let me order one until the phone is active but I can not (to my knowledge) activate the phone without the card number. I have been on the phone with them for over an hour while multiple people are trying from both Employee Relations and International Services try to resolve the issue. The staff are very friendly and mean well but I've gone through multiple supervisors. Right now I am on another hold where the supervisor is trying to override and just order the card. The call has been long enough that I've gotten the survey text (or m
  6. Yep, that's why I tried to just ask for inventory for the SKU listed earlier. The first store claimed they couldn't search by SKU (?!) and the second came back with a "you're looking for a Nexus 5"
  7. It's wonderful that the black 32GB MEIDs are now in the database. Now if only I could get a SIM card. Chat and phone calls routed me to local stores which should have plenty. Two local corporate repair stores - one claims they don't use SIM cards (not since Nextel), and the other has no stock. *sigh*
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