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  1. @enterprisecares You just lost a customer today.

  2. Cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes. Stop #catmageddon. https://t.co/JtbEuz4Ga1 https://t.co/jgffIUi2fe

  3. That's great. I couldn't hold a stable connection at M&T bank, kept jumping from 4G to 3G to voice only. I got a stable 4G in Cockeysville/Hunt Valley last night and got 13MB download/6MB upload.
  4. I got unstable 4G at M&T Bank stadium, but I was so high up it's hard to say which direction it came from. I also got 4G in one part of Towson University. It seems to be coming. I was sort of hoping they would flip it over all at once.
  5. Find Friends on Adult Job Place: http://t.co/bJkwiKO4 via @AddThis

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