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  1. @PSLKyoAni >milf >teacher im not surprised

  2. RT @MangaGamer: And as you’ve all been waiting so patiently for… The House in #FataMorgana A Requiem for Innocence is now available for pre…

  3. RT @blockwonkel: "Badly written text is Japanese culture!" https://t.co/AoHJhHmgJY

  4. RT @ramsincanon: If we raise the minimum wage, bosses will have to lay off workers p.s. Amazon earned $315,000 in revenue per employee last…

  5. @ExistentialEnso I like the ratio of replies to likes

  6. RT @OrioPie: the Japanese exchange students at my school were told to give a presentation about Japan and did it about their waifus https:/…

  7. RT @skiddiks_ebooks: Imagine if a real memer like me subbed this garbage.

  8. RT @herkzzz: trump getting his ideas from anime smh https://t.co/spUVHERtEs

  9. RT @GossiTheDog: I mean seriously, if there's a vulnerability don't run to the press with professionally shot videos talking about "asking…

  10. RT @Daiz42: Great job @myanimelist making your digital manga """store""" (more like a rental platform) useless even before the whole thing…

  11. RT @KuwaCos: bean astolfo and his favorite drink https://t.co/RNrcOOgojZ

  12. One of these things is not like the rest... https://t.co/M9XJQOVGEv

  13. @__choichoi Not me

  14. @ExistentialEnso I don't think they know what the words they are using mean

  15. RT @beanastolfo: bean astolfo (It's a haunted Astolfo plushie that sucks your dick...) https://t.co/G7l0jQiriU