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  1. Im going to be moving to the Houston area soon and was wondering if anyone could chime in on the recent performance of the network?
  2. Congrats! I expected DFW to be better covered by B41 when I recently went from the S3 to the GN4 but I live a little south of 20 and I never see it unless I go to north Dallas and some parts of southeast Dallas.
  3. Anyone buy their iPhone this week from best buy and traded in a phone and received a $300 gift card? Need to get my wife an iPhone and its a great deal but wondering how best buy Is handling the promo and if they're giving $300 for any working smartphone like they did with their note 4 promo
  4. You can try this. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1880781 PRL Archives I used to flash these when I had my s3 but haven't tried on the note 4. If you try it let me know how it goes for you.
  5. When you setup your fingerprint and do the ten swipes make sure to scan your finger at different angles. This way it gets a better read on your fingerprint
  6. I'm curious about this too because the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago when I ordered the 6 for my wife. I have yet to get the phone though so waiting to see how this will all pan out.
  7. I plan to later this afternoon. Twrp just got released so we aren't too far away from having some custom roms
  8. Woohoo! Love this phone. Hopefully i see some better data speeds now coming from the s3
  9. About what I expected. Ah well, one extra day to wait.
  10. I hope best buy releases theirs tomorrow too but I doubt it since I have yet to receive an email from there and I can't look up my order since they give an order number that doesn't work for their online system. Stupid.
  11. Anyone who pre ordered through best buy able to check their status online?
  12. Did anyone have any issues buying the 6 from an Apple store and getting the 2 year upgrade price? I have an old everything data family plan and am looking to get the 6 for her but want to make sure there wouldn't be any issues doing so through the apple store as it seems the quickest way to get the phone.
  13. So glad to hear that. That makes the phone $99 with the best buy trade in or Samsung's rebate with a trade in.
  14. Just have the screen on and set it to a higher time for screen time out and hand it to the best buy person. All they will check for is cracks in the screen and that the touchscreen works.
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