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  1. @AskAmex Have had Blue Cash Everyday and met $1K spend for signup bonus. Where is the bonus? Called cust svc but no response for weeks.

  2. @JohnLegere @TMobile If you are serious about stopping this, unlimited high-speed prepaid has to go. Customers can just get a new SIM.

  3. Why does the Fierce Wireless website often crash my Uverse connection on my gateway? I have to access it through mobile to keep it from happening. It never crashes unless I go there.
  4. I have a Nexus 5 that I am still happy with. Considering upgrading to a Nexus 6 in August for my birthday, if the prices have come down any.
  5. Sprint has a 14-day buyer remorse period that can effectively be used as a test drive, why do they need another?
  6. It is an inane move to do this while still selling several new phones that don't have LTE.
  7. Sounds like the Japanese experts have finished looking things over and said "This is what it'll take to fix her."
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