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  1. Yep! But that mmWave spectrum has been deployable for quite a while now - last years iPhone supported n260/n261, and so did the Galaxy series as far back as the S10. The only phone that T-Mobile currently sells that supports n258 is the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G. Having a mainstream device such as the iPhone supporting n258 will greatly increase T-Mobile's amount of deployable mmWave. Tampa, for example, would go from 600MHz of deployable spectrum to 1000MHz (400MHz n260 + 200MHz n261 + 400 n258). NYC, which is currently only operating with 100MHz of n261, will go from 500MHz of deployable spectrum to 900MHz (400MHz n260 + 100MHz n261 + 400MHz n258). Hopefully, having more deployable spectrum will push them to expand deployment.
  2. You sure it was n258, not n260? AFAIK the S21 series doesn't support n258.
  3. Last night at Evil Twin Brewing (near the Halsey St L stop). Eek.
  4. More Verizon content (sorry). BTS upgrade across from the Brooklyn Museum, eNB 84059.
  5. Oh, interesting! I haven't had much luck with 'em. eNB 137445 (literally one higher digit higher than the one in my post, and right around the corner) is dirt slow and I'm always dropped to LTE-only when I'm connected to those nodes. And no dice with the ones on my commute (eNB 59923 and 59919). Though I did catch them doing some work on the node tonight, so hopefully things will improve:
  6. Updated the third image! Yes, it looks like they've switched from two 8-port antennas to a single 16-port antenna for 2/5/13/66 (eNB 84767 on CellMapper). And yes, new shroud design! The new shroud is vented and significantly thicker (maybe 1.5x as thick?) than the older design.
  7. I figure I might as well post this here as it is NYC-specific and the Verizon thread is a bit dead. Haven't yet spotted any Verizon C-Band upgrades in the Williamsburg area (even on their FDC), but I did spot this site upgrade today: Before: After: Compared to their typical mmWave antenna shrouds:
  8. Have started to see some oDAS nodes (equipped with B2/B66/B46) act as anchor eNBs. Speeds were in the 300Mb/s range, ping typical for n41 NSA.
  9. https://tmo.report/2021/08/t-mobile-is-launching-fiber-optic-home-internet-starting-in-nyc/ Not available at my current or past addresses, but I'm interested.
  10. Messaged the OP, apparently it's a macro site right outside the flagship T-Mobile store in Times Square (46th St & 7th Ave). There's a couple macro sites around there so I'm not quite sure which one. Maybe the site at 1560 Broadway (40.75868, -73.98462)?
  11. Nice spot! Definitely looks like the Ericsson 6488 (B48), as others have said. As far as I can tell, the unit is capable of 3x20MHz B48 LTE carriers at 64x64 mMIMO, but isn't yet certified for n48. If they're replicating what they're doing up in the Bronx, those carriers are likely sectors 81-83, 91-93, and 181-183. Great to see them going with a high end antenna, I was expecting something more along the lines of the Micro Radio 4408 (similar to their LAA deployments).
  12. You can get a higher resolution map if you remove the dimensions from the url. Link.
  13. These threads are a joke. 28 upvotes on a comment that says "NYC and east of the city seem to be on a steady decline the past couple of months". Uh, would you like to specify where? There's only 5K+ sites in that area. That's not to say that I haven't been seeing some slow speeds. For example, I stepped out of the subway into Union Sq Park the other day and was only able to pull ~2Mb/s on n41. Or congested (but still usable) service on some LTE-only macros in certain areas of Harlem. Or some congested LTE oDAS nodes in Williamsburg. But this happens on a block by block basis. On the other hand, more often than not I'm pulling 300+ Mb/s. I rounded the corner at Union Sq and was immediately able to to pull a 400Mb/s speedtest. My average speed at home has gone from 200Mb/s two months ago to hovering around 300Mb/s. Etc, etc, etc.
  14. Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but it looks like some B48 deployments were mapped in the Bronx back in April/May. eNBs 146589 & 146586 on CellMapper.
  15. eNB 42102 is an interesting site in that one of the sectors utilizes standard macro-style antennas. That said, this site was the bane of my existence for a full year. It doesn't provide good coverage or speeds either on or under the bridge, and it services far too large and dense an area for anything but standard macro-style antennas to be a option. Practically all the buildings on Sands Street, west of the bridge, are a dead zone.
  16. Found a Sprint keep site out in Bushwick, eNB 839191. I think this might be an oDAS node, but not entirely sure.
  17. Spotted this interesting setup in Williamsburg, around 200 Meserole St. Based on Streetview, it seems to have been installed back in mid-2019. It doesn't appear in the DOITT database, so I'm guessing it's not standard cellular. Anyone know what it might be?
  18. NYC DOITT database was updated about a month ago. Imported all the new oDAS node locations into my map. Haven't yet spotted anything with the new design in my travels through Williamsburg & Bushwick. Almost 1400 newly proposed nodes (since 3/5/21) is pretty incredible, though. Made my way up to Harlem and City College this past week. The site (eNB 55893) covering the north side of the campus STILL hasn't been upgraded from B2/B66 (dual APX16s). Pulled ~70Mb/s down on what is essentially an empty campus. Wish I knew what the deal is with that site. I almost wonder if it might be easier to work with the school and keep the Sprint site on top of the engineering building (Steinman Hall, across the street from their current site), instead.
  19. n41 was bumped up to 80MHz in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) overnight. Not noticing an increase in average speeds on my local site, either in the downlink or uplink. I'm seeing the same thing. I'll see if I can't check out a few more sites today.
  20. I've found that the sites in NYC that have B41 deployed on 311-940 won't have B41 broadcasting on any other PLMN, whereas B25/B26 from the site will be broadcasted on all PLMNs (310-120, 312-530, 311-490, etc). It's kinda annoying as a T-Mobile customer because it means I don't have access to B41 on these sites.
  21. Super happy to see continued n41 rollout/densification in NYC. This site (eNB 128041) was upgraded within the last week. Unfortunately B41 isn't yet live, so couldn't map, but pulled some very healthy speeds on NSA n41. Across the street from this is one of the few Sprint sites I've found with B25/B26 deployed on 310-120 but B41 deployed on 311-940. Does anyone know what is up with these? I feel like I am totally out of the loop as to why they still have sites configured like this.
  22. There's quite a few in midtown! Check out 494 8th Ave or 461 8th Ave, for example. Definitely cool stuff, though I gotta say it does make identification a real PITA, haha.
  23. It kinda just blows my mind that it's been almost a year and a half since start of auction and there still isn't a band designation. Why spend almost a billion dollars (T-Mobile's $873 million plus Sprint's $114 million) if you can't even get around to working something like that out with the 3GPP? I pray there's something going on behind the scenes, but I'm not too hopeful seeing as the only other owner of the band is DISH, haha. I'd be shocked if T-Mobile doesn't keep a strong mmWave presence in lower/mid-Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn with their 5G small-cell rollout. That's key use case. But I agree, it'll definitely be interesting to see what they do outside of that area. You gotta imagine that Verizon played a pretty big part in how the nodes were designed, and Verizon typically loads their small cells up with every mid/high-band tech they've got. So it shouldn't be a matter of if the nodes support the tech, just if T-Mobile deploys the radios. IMO, T-Mobile's mmWave strategy (for both macros and small cells) kinda comes down to if T-Mobile is open to exploring the possibility of mmWave-based Home Internet in NYC. I really hope they do keep them. Even if they aren't immediately upgraded to 5G, they'd be a big benefit for the network in general. Plus, fiber is already run, permits are already signed, sites are already built. Hopefully the neutral-nature of the nodes makes conversion easy. I haven't spotted any nodes broadcasting the keep PLMN, but I'm not all that surprised about that. Agreed. There are one or two redditors (who shall not be named) who love to spread questionable info, especially when it comes to NYC. Every carrier has Manhattan blanketed with mmWave! You can get FIOS at any address! T-Mobile has mmWave on every site and it's fast! T-Mobile has the densest small-cell network! Every site has 5gb/s backhaul (or if it doesn't, it's "just about to be upgraded")! It's really weird. Subreddit used to be so much better before it blew up and a handful of great contributors left.
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