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  1. I spoke with a rep this morning and they gave me the same line "this is a large upgrade... we can't give a specific timeline... blah blah blah". When I talked to a tech in July 2014 he said that work was supposed to start in August and be finished by late September. smh
  2. locked31

    New Guy!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Sorry I disappeared, I've been traveling a lot the past few days! Are there any stickies I should look through to learn some basic info? davidtm hi! It's always good to see someone from around the same area!
  3. locked31

    New Guy!

    Hey all! I found this forum while looking for updates on my hopefully-soon 4G installation in Charlottesville, VA. It looks like there is a ton of stuff to learn about how these phones and networks work here so I hope to gain some knowledge!
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