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  1. Can confirm all of this. Can you query the remaining UAFRCN too? And a couple GSM ARFCNs?
  2. It's a distributed antenna system node. Looks like standard Verizon antennas.
  3. Found another clearwire conversion with better photos this time around.
  4. I'll be back for a cleaner shot. It's tough getting a drive by shot from the passenger seat on the freeway. Bingo. Only thing not spray painted.
  5. Not a small cell. LA Metro colocated Clear Huawei gets cost effective boost with Nokia Flexi Zone "Mini-Macro" 2x20 W BTS
  6. Not a small cell. Colocated Clear Huawei gets cost effective boost with Nokia Flexi Zone "Mini-Macro" 2x20 W BTS
  7. That would make sense to me. Have to do some more math to figure out all the available BRS+EBS to see where they could shove more carriers.
  8. Looks like the B41 carriers EARFCN centers have shifted from 40978+41176 to 39874+40072 with the same 31,32,33 and 39,3a,3b endings. Still picking up Clear 40254 (01,02,03) and traces of 39874 though.
  9. Tones more small cell photos here including the higher wattage ones! http://celltowerphotos.com/thumbnails.php?album=49
  10. Mini macros and DAS nodes. They're all over, but particularly common in more mountainous areas.
  11. 10+10 if PCS spectrum available too. Enough leftover to run narrow DC-HSPA+ and a couple GSM channels still too.
  12. Some fastback action in LA Owned by the city and long termed lease by Crown Castle who in turn leases it out to generally Verizon at the moment.
  13. It was not a problem here across LA and surrounding areas with updated racks. Also note there are low-band compatible AIR21s for an even swap.
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