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  1. @AlanfromBigEasy @mikeychan11 @NewYorker Right, those hot dog carts scream class

  2. @anewleahfy @TheyCallMeEMac Hahha hahahha

  3. @sogoodbread @SeoulDynasty Gambler, im Korean, but born in America. Lol I'll teach you English

  4. @Ember__Celica @anewleahfy @Blizzard_Ent I feel like they'll nerf it into oblivion before they release it

  5. @SeoulDynasty Omfg I hate that song hahahha

  6. @jennyportillo2 @thekevinryder Yeah some wear shorts year round

  7. @kdeleon @EricHolder So Mr anti gun crooked politician is quoting arms dealer holder? Rofl you are pure comedy son.

  8. @caliwolfad I love you too!

  9. @kdeleon It is very concerning that an elected official (READ: YOU) harbors criminals because they're family members.

  10. @LiquidBarn Thanks boo

  11. @JoeVargas I would be

  12. @alliemackay Should be Rebecca black Friday

  13. @alliemackay Weed too?

  14. @LisaSu why not make a socket type gpu to target miners? Couldn't that be the solution for gamers not being able to buy video cards?

  15. @VZWNow I never asked for your help Verizon. I'd rather nail my penis to a burning building than give you a dime.