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  1. I like those covers a lot, but I think there's two problems: Drop protection is minimal except direct damage to the screen, and you're going to have to remove the whole thing to get it into a car mount - even with something like an iBolt car mount, which will work with an Otterbox case on the device, you'd still have the flap in the way. And if it's one of the official samsung cases, then you're actually removing the full back cover to do this. I'd like to avoid swapping those covers - no matter how strong the plastic is, I worry about wearing out the tabs that it clicks in with if forced to constantly swap the flip for the original back cover. I don't know what case I'll use as I haven't seen one yet that fits me, and I think for certain occasions I'd like to have one of those official covers (or even the knockoff version with a stand to it)... but for every day use, I'd really like something like a N2 version of the S3 Casemate POP case.
  2. I agree. High price + lower consumer demand = I can walk in and buy one without trouble on day one as long as their supplies are decent. I am somewhat annoyed that a 16GB iPhone 5 can hit the market at $199.99 and have a higher unlocked price than this, yet this costs $100 more. They should drop it to, at a minimum, $249.99 and the GSIII to $149.99 minimum to promote competition. I know it's a premium device, but making people pay more for something that costs less on contract implies we aren't worth the same amount of subsidy...
  3. Hi, new to the forum and Sprint Galaxy Note II is going to be my first smartphone (I have a good amount of knowledge of them though, having worked with Android coding before... but now I'm getting off topic). I was reading about this new data, and the $299.99 doesn't deter me as I've been waiting a long time and willing to pay it for a good device which fits my needs and this would appear to be the best option. However, I just read about the lack of SVDO. As a first time user, I don't have a lot of experience with actual use, but I think I can see this issue becoming massively annoying. I intend to take calls on this over bluetooth - freeing up the device and S-Pen for in call use. Am I correct in understanding that, until LTE hits New Britain/Hartford/Eastern CT where I school/work/live/etc, I'm not going to be able to use EVDO data on this device at all during a call? If so that's a major bummer, but my next question would be if I can still be connected to Wifi on this device while taking a call? I'm getting it to supplement in class work at my college, have access to unlimited streaming music and (more eventually on LTE / when EVDO handles it) video etc, streaming off my own servers so I'm able to control the bitrates on the fly if bandwidth is an issue. Lacking SVDO would seem to not hit my main reason for sticking with Sprint (locking into unlimited data with an LTE device for when that becomes full blown). I guess the question is, given what I've stated, and that SVDO doesn't appear to be possible on this device (instead we wait for SVLTE)... is this a big issue for most or not? Also, I really hope they make the 32GB model available at launch for 349.99 because even with microSD, I'd like a decent amount of storage internally. I was really hoping they'd hit the 16GB/32GB at 249.99/299.99 respectively, but I highly doubt that now. EDIT: I saw the post over in this thread: http://s4gru.com/ind...ng-except-svdo/ Which details that you can use Wifi at the same time on the call (makes sense, just wanted confirmation). So I guess then my only question is, how badly has a lack of SVDO bothered people in the past, and does it deter them from this phone (despite knowing that we'll have SVLTE eventually)?
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