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  1. Yep, the terminal is exactly why our landlord refuses to let us get FIOS.
  2. FYI, a Sprint rep told me today that they will do a sim unlock after the device has been active on your account for 6 months.
  3. I doubt it. I'm pretty sure the contract has a clause in it about Sprint not guaranteeing service indoors or at all.
  4. I'm on Staten Island (a boro of NYC). Do you know what the real LTE/Spark situation is here? The coverage maps on Sprint.com say everything is wonderful but I am not sure.
  5. You'd think in this day and age carriers could figure out to provide consistent service indoors. Yes I have broadband and WiFi. I have never used Netflix on my phone. Any streaming I do is done on my iPad or Roku. It's just a better viewing experience. Thank you for the info you provided, it was very useful!
  6. I agree with you. They can be a real pain, but when we first got ours it was a lifesaver. Don't know what our landlord did, but we had great reception, then he moved in and started renovating and BAM...we were lucky to get one bar and frequently found ourselves roaming. If we went outside, everything was fine.
  7. I apologize. I looked for an Airave section and couldn't find it. Didn't mean to cause any extra work for anyone.
  8. I have a new LG G3. According to Sprint's coverage maps, I live in an area that has Spark. Great I thought. Turned off my stupid Airave yesterday to test and up popped the LTE and Spark icons. Yay! However today I turned the Airave off and was rewarded with crappy 3G only. I feel lied to. Sprint's maps tell me I am in a Spark "Best" area, but.... I've been a loyal customer for nearly 13 years but this is ridiculous. Needing an Airave isn't their fault-my stupid landlord did major renovations when he moved in and whatever he did blocked our reception big time. We went from no issues to being on
  9. Never mind, it was my stupid Airave. I turned it off and was surprised to find a nice strong signal (3-4 bars, when previously we either got 1 bar or were kicked to roaming!). Texts went right though! Maybe I can get rid of the Airave now? Dare I hope? :-)
  10. I'm stuck having to use an Airave in my apartment because ever since my landlord moved in downstairs and did major renovations, we've not been able to get much if any Sprint signal up here. I hate it because it's 3G only. Is there any chance Sprint will get it together and offer an LTE Airave? I'm guessing not, but it would be cool if they did.
  11. Well my last post was ignored, but I'll jump in again. Is anyone having texting issues? I'm having trouble getting texts to go through on my new LG G3. There's no error, it just sits on "sending" forever and then tells me to retry. Just started today.
  12. Is something wrong with my G3 or has Sprint blocked the keyboard themes option for the LG keyboard? I downloaded a couple from LG Smartworld and it says to go to the LG Keyboard settings and then to Additional Settings, Themes, but under Additional Themes there just no such thing as Themes. Not there at all. I'm guessing they blocked it because they want us to buy those silly Sprint ID pack things.
  13. Hi all, New here, but not new to Sprint-been a customer for 12 years now. This site was recommended to me by someone on Facebook who saw my post about the horrible treatment I received from Sprintusers when I tried to join. (I got some ridiculous notice saying "Registration Denied! We check every new registration against a database of known spammers. We are unable to reach that database at this time." and when I reached out to the admins for help, was lied to THREE times and told they would manually set up an account for me!) Anyway, I am awaiting the delivery of my shiny new LG G3. I've
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