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  1. It's just increasing data load, every carrier experiences it. As soon as people realize the data works well they will begin to use it, as more people use it the slower it gets.... The slower it gets the more carriers or cell sites sprint and any other carrier will need to add just to keep up, mobile data usage is currently on a ramp with no end in sight.
  2. no problem, band 41 is your best bet at the highest speed, what kind of speeds are you seeing compared to before? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Copy and paste this into your phone dial are hit dial it will take you to field test mode *3001#12345#* Select service cell info Band is second line down Band 25,26,41. Is what you are looking for Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah betas, even public ones should not be used in a "daily driver" phone as they can be unstable and unpredictable at times.
  5. need more information, is this everywhere in town, what phone do you have?(profile says Samsung S4 but screen shot looks to be from an iphone) What band are you on?
  6. good point I should have clarified, all carriers had the capability to stream 1080P provided proper set up. The point was all carriers provided enough bandwidth to carry out all reasonable tasks one could perform on a smart phone. [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. so it stands to reason that t mobile had the highest speeds, as they handled the least amount of data (excluding sprint as they have not said). from the reports it looks like all 4 carries provided usable service that was able to provide 1080P streaming video... but really your at the super bowl, you shouldn't need to stream anything on your phone, nice to see people had the option to though.
  8. I apologize, i stand corrected. "Unlimited 4G LTE plan includes 14 GB Smartphone Mobile HotSpot)" no reference is made about the hotspot other than the fine print for unlimited promotion plan. http://www.t-mobile.com/offer/family-plans-with-data-per-line.html?icid=WMM_TM_Q116UNLMTD_62XY1YSYVZN3986 I find it odd that they don't advertise that prominently as it is an added value. good call
  9. I would agree they need to be very aggressive on pricing, however I am not sure if Marcelo agrees with my opinion. sprint seems to act like a big bloated company and t-mobile seems to act like a small agile start up, I know that is just perception but you know what they say, perception is reality. I think back to the tweets Marcelo sent out about the late night brain storming sessions with beer in a conference room... only to announce what was almost identical to last years half off promotion, i remember thinking they must have spent all night writing all that fine print, witch by the way people generally don't like fine print. don't get me wrong it's a good deal, but he hyped the heck out of that, and really it was an updated version of last years plan...
  10. happy my town of janesville is outside that circle, and has 2x CA. as always thanks for the info AJ
  11. sprint has the ability to do anything, the question is do they want to give the service away in the name of matching price. does the quality of the network still warrant them being a value play, or does the network quality warrant premium pricing?
  12. it's an extension of the bundle no doubt, but a lot of people have direct tv, or u verse for people in that situation it's compelling. don't get me wrong i hate the direction the death star (att) has taken by basically doubling down on bundling. but at the same time price competition is good for me as a consumer, it will be interesting to see how Verizon with respond since they don't have the tv offerings like ATT does. I know they have fios but it doesn't have the geographic reach that the u verse direct tv combination, not to mention t-mobile and sprint own nothing similar. I wonder what the response will be?
  13. what really got my attention is tablets for unlimited data for $40/ month add on. I wonder how bad this is "Data Restrictions: After 22GB of data usage on a line in a bill cycle, AT&T may slow the data on that line during periods of network congestion for the remainder of that cycle. " I wonder if i had an ipad pro on burned 100 gigs in a month if they would reach out to me, or throttle me? Not that i would, just a hypothetical could this be Att's first step towards home internet delivered over cellular?
  14. except the 50% off does not include this promotion, or any unlimited. i don't exactly get that t-mobile current regular price for unlimited is $95 they could have done 50% off at $47.50, that would not have been much different that the unlimited iPhone plan they offered awhile ago. I would love to see a pricing structure simplification like what Metro does with including taxes and fees, what you see is what you pay. something like unlimited 1st line $60 2nd line $50 line 3-12 $30 include shared hot spot 5 gigs per line, throttled after that share plans 20 gigs $100 40 gigs $140 80 gigs $160 no access fees these prices would include taxes fees, everything The current structure is very confusing for everyone, including sprint employees... I think they need to start from scratch. The network is much improved, now the price structure needs to follow.
  15. wow that's a great deal for a family/business of 4 or larger, looks like the price of unlimited is coming back down in price. considering that one line is $95 for unlimited and 4 lines is now $37.50/line that is one heck of a discount of course this promotion does not include hot spot, but that can be added if you need it.
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