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  1. I immediately thought of that M&M commercial...... Seriously though, I understand why some folk hold on to Blackberry. I also wish Black berry would get their act together and decide on a future course of action.
  2. I want to take an older kiddie type android based tablet and re-purpose it. Do I have to root the tablet in order to remove the overlay?
  3. I took the leap and changed to Family Unlimited with three lines.
  4. At first I was like ehhhh. Now I have warmed to it and actually like it.
  5. I have to say, Downtown Raleigh is probably the worse area in Raleigh for Sprint speeds and I am not sure why.
  6. Holding on to the LTE signal for to long may actually give you worse performance.
  7. You have a point. However, a product is priced where the manufacturer thinks it will sell and they can make a profit. So yes, if it lists at $700 plus dollars then the device is subsidized when you buy it for $200 on contract. There are plenty of items that are sold at a price point far higher than its cost to produce.
  8. Scroll up to post number 122. There is a possibility that title two would give the FCC the authority to do this. The FEC already has the authority with campaign related websites.
  9. Not talking about profits. I am talking about the willful dissemination of misinformation.
  10. Personally, I am more concerned with those who make a conscious decision to promote lies and slander. This is what the FEC should be concerned with and to a lesser extent the FCC.
  11. I agree. But the expansion of the federal government is not a new phenomenon. It has been argued about before the formation of the country and has expanded since the formation of the country, usually based on a specific fear.
  12. Are you referring to the part that would allow the FCC to regulate ISP's? Please dont make me guess. Just state your meaning. Thanks.
  13. I was with you right up to the end. The internet received its first substantial infrastructure investment from the Federal Government. Therefore it is a public utility and the FCC is correct in treating it as such. It is not unconstitutional.
  14. ????What does this have to do with the FCC and net neutrality?
  15. The real question here is does it make good public policy to broadcast such things before a government entity votes on it? Keep in mind that even the founding fathers had serious questions as to the ability of the common man to make serious decisions that may affect he nation. Hence, we have a representative republic and a electorial college instead of a true democracy. You see where I am going with this?
  16. From a PR perspective, I believe the right thing to do was to honor the current 20 month cycle and reset the customer to a 24 month cycle once they upgraded. They might have considered making it retroactive to those who have recently upgraded. But to push people back on the day of their upgrade, no matter how much notification was given, is counter productive when you are trying to re-establish your good name.
  17. This is a HUGE update for M7 owners. I think their sales will top both M7 and M8.
  18. I was wondering if companies such as Caribbean Cellular are more valuable now that Cuba opening up is a question of when and not if.
  19. Sprint now has Raleigh-Cary listed as a Spark City! Anybody notice any difference?
  20. I don't see what the issue is. If one is well versed in IATA codes, as you obviously are, then it is painfully clear what airport he was talking about. Stop at DCA, you are good there, don't read into it.
  21. Liking it so far. Only two complaints: 1) I can do without the notifications on the lock screen (somebody mentioned this already) 2) The multi task carousel seems to not have a limit. It can get cluttered pretty fast. Other than that everything works buttery smooth.
  22. This thread has reminded me just how big a disaster Gary Forsee was. Sprint, once upon a time, had a lot of influence with some back haul providers because of partnerships or ownership. Those relationship were trashed under Forsee.
  23. Big difference....I don't run a company that uses that data. Also, I have bashed Root independent of how they rank Sprint or anybody else.
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