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  1. Just so everybody has a better idea of practical applications here is what the public safety initiative is all about....https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/Fact%20Sheet_Nationwide%20Public%20Safety%20Broadband%20Network.pdf Personally, I don't think it will be much better than a viable offload solution in the urban centers. The amount of data being moved by emergency services is pretty substantial. I don't see any indication of using the network for VOIP but I assume it is possible. If that happens then an even greater amount of bandwidth would be utilized. I honestly don't believe that it represents a massive advantage for any of the national operators.
  2. Not sure what other people are talking about but over the last six weeks I have seen a significant improvement in the network in the Raleigh area. Heck, the network even held steady during the State Fair in October. I will say that I find Cary to be a bit spotty and there are still some 3g only holes here and there. But overall speeds have increased in my experience.
  3. Actually yes. I came off the truck in January of 2006. Damn, I feel old now. Thanks AJ!
  4. I can see it going either way. I have always considered Kansas as the mid west. But if you group it with OK then it's actually the plains.
  5. That's kind of odd since they are still adding locations, but it has been a few years since i was on the road so you would know better than I. Its good to hear that Sprint coverage in the midwest is good. That's where I had the most issues. I would have no coverage west of Salinas Kansas Until I got close to Denver and no coverage through most of Wyoming.
  6. In for the long haul. Just decided to take my profits early and reinvest when the price went down.
  7. I would use dollar cost averaging. That will ensure that you don't miss the bottom.
  8. Go ahead. I shorted the stock. Ready to make another go of it!
  9. If he or she makes a habit of parking in truck stops, most of them have wifi or idle air now a days anyhow.
  10. After the Vodafone buyout Verizons debt ballooned to about $100 billion. I'm sure that Verizon can still tap the credit markets. The question is, for how much? Have not kept up with the rumored Dish deal but I don't think it would raise AT&T's debt to the same levels.
  11. I don't know about that. It seems that the argument is already being made that some companies already have more than enough spectrum so if they acquire 600 MHz spectrum they should be forced to divest other spectrum holdings. Sounds like she is trying to position AT&T into a win win proposition.
  12. This suddenly becomes interesting when you consider that Verizon is loaded with debt. How much would they be able to spend on the auction?
  13. She is playing chess. If she cant stop the "Magneta Madness" then she may be setting the stage for a forced spectrum swap.
  14. I dont know if it is user error on my part or a software quirk but I have noticed that the power saver somehow becomes disabled. Everytime my battery drains the power saver is off so you may want to check that.
  15. Yeah. Thats my next step. Just wanted to see if this was a known issue. The odd thing is my car is still in my Bluetooth list. Curious.
  16. My phone used to auto connect to my car. Not anymore.
  17. Anybody having Bluetooth connectivity issues since the update?
  18. These mergers rarely come without layoffs, especially when major overlap in products/services exists.
  19. Some research indicates that it is not as clean cut as you make it. The figure of 80=-100 gallons a day is accurate. However, that figure is for domestic water use which includes dish washing, clothes washing and lawn watering. Additionally, the average per person use varies widely depending on where one lives. http://www.epa.gov/WaterSense/our_water/tomorrow_beyond.html
  20. If they broke that down as total water use and assigned a per person average then that makes sense since California is a big agriculture state. I find it hard to believe that the average individual uses that much water per day.
  21. I don't care what they say, you are a pretty smart guy Robert!
  22. Personally, I think being 1,2,3 or 4 is over rated. What matters is profitability and in that arena Sprint should be competing against itself. Sometimes when you chase size, quality suffers.
  23. You are absolutely right. However, Apple and Google are still on the fence about becoming significant competitors in that space or cooperating with Blackberry/QNX.
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