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  1. You are describing a network issue and not a phone quality issue.
  2. I am on prl 55054. I figured that was the latest PRL and I did not want to fiddle around with profile updates while I was out there. Bad experience in the past. I did look it up and it appears that it is a data roaming area for sprint.
  3. I had an odd thing happen to me the other day. I was on the Outer Banks of North Carolina by the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I lost all service on my HTC 10 while my wife's A9 was still on LTE and usable. I restarted my phone and still had no connection at all. I was only able to get 1x when I roamed on US Cellular.
  4. They have it on display? You should have taken a rare pic of an HTC10 in the wild!
  5. Did they swap it for you?
  6. Maybe Sprints debt is somehow insulated from Britain?
  7. That makes sense. However, a wholesale move is probably cost prohibitive. It is far cheaper and easier to allow the devices to age out and then invalidate whatever is left over.
  8. Ah. I think they are doing this in a secondary way. There is another thread that addresses certain phones that will not work on the Sprint network after they realign frequencies. The gist was that these phones were so old that they could not update their prl. Found it......http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/7525-certain-phones-wont-work-after-7116/
  9. And replace it with what? The natural evolution is VOLTE but Sprint does not have the tower densification to pull that off yet. For now Sprint has to keep CDMA.
  10. This may be an added benefit of purging those handsets that cannot update their prl. Presumably, they do not support 1xAdvanced.
  11. I simply look at the attention that Sprint is suddenly attracting from its competitors. I just saw an internet ad today from Verizon targeted at Sprint customers. This tells me that Sprint is now firmly a threat.
  12. Battery life is excellent. I am a pretty heavy user and I have nop problem with getting through an entire day. There have been a couple of instances when I forgot my power cord at home and I did not freak out.
  13. I would guess that it is something the tech did.
  14. I still have 12-18 months on my hold strategy.
  15. probably yes. The way I understand it, the cell phone operators have mostly gotten rid of their towers. They now lease from a tower owner such as American Tower or Crown Castle. I think there is a third major one. I am sure someone will chime in if I got any of this wrong.
  16. AH. I don't know if this helps but this is an example from my town. Most municipalities use similar formats but they may report them differently on their website. Hope this helps. Archer Lodge Verizon Tower Major Site Plan & Special Use Permit (2016-68-SP & 2016-75-SUP)Proposal: To install a new 155' monopole tower on Covered Bridge Road. Location: 3654 Covered Bridge Road Parcel: 4305214 Applicant: Crown Castle, 864-915-1122 Project Planner: Haley Hogg,Planner, hhogg@townofclaytonnc.org, 919-553-5002 Status: Proposed. Planning Board- May 23, 6:00 PM, Town Council Work Session- June 20, 6:30 PM, Town Council Hearing- July 18, 6:30 PM
  17. You may also want to check your town. Typically, the county only posts permits for county-owned land, unincorporated parts of the county or specific instances requiring county permitting. The towns/cities often have their own planning/permitting departments.
  18. I have not been able to data roam on Verizon for atleast two years now.
  19. About the only tried and true way is to check your local building permits.
  20. This is what I am using.....http://www.amazon.com/i-Blason-Kickstand-Holster-Locking-Release/dp/B01EB8TRQ4/ref=sr_1_20/192-9148185-3353359?ie=UTF8&qid=1464322458&sr=8-20&keywords=case+htc+10
  21. Just found out I can wake the phone with the fingerprint scanner.
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