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  1. centermedic

    HTC U11 Life

  2. Has anybody else's phone restarted on its own in the last 24 hours? We have HTC and Samsung and it has occurred on both makes.
  3. centermedic

    HTC Bolt

    So, I have had the Bolt for about two weeks now and here are my impressions: The screen is easy to read, even with polarized sunglasses on, and responsive. Battery life blows my HTC 10 out of the water. In all fairness though, my 10 is a year and a half old. The phone itself is pretty smooth. The earpiece could be louder The Bolt is usually a step behind the 10 when it comes to switching between 3g and 4g I will start checking signal check and compare it to the 10. Overall this is a very good phone especially for five dollars a month!
  4. centermedic

    HTC Bolt

    Just picked up a Bolt. So far so good. I will have a chance to check out how it does in a low signal area (going camping).
  5. What the heck Robert? I go away for a bit and you change the interior decoration? I bet if we were married you would have changed the locks and put my clothes to the curb!
  6. On the other hand, I am sure that Google is concerned with the dominance of Samsung for two reasons. One, Samsung has Tizen in its back pocket. The moment that Samsung no longer wants to play ball with Google and they deem it to be profitable for them they will start scaling back Android. Two, Samsungs dominance could have the effect of constraining innovation in the Android arena. If I was Google I would want two or three major players using Android.
  7. Anybody notice reduced battery performance since the last update?
  8. Ah. I was thinking about Clearwire.
  9. centermedic

    HTC U11

    How much of an improvement is this compared to the HTC 10?
  10. I am actually surprised that this has not happened sooner. Cable TV as a stand alone business is a dying model. I also suspect that having to pay for internet access is at least as concerning as the lack of wireless services. Having a financial interest in a Tier one provider can only be a good thing.
  11. IIRC WiMax was a major part of that.
  12. Share of the relocation costs? That would be 100%. The big issue is if the amount was agreed upon prior to work being done. If not then Sprint will have to prove that the amount that they are suing for is justifiable.
  13. centermedic

    HTC U11

    Looks like a compelling product. Unfortunately, I am still paying off my HTC 10
  14. http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/htc-u-11-name-tipped-for-upcoming-squeezable-flagship-phone-1684621
  15. PRODUCTS HTC U UltraHTC 10HTC One A9HTC AccessoriesVIVE Search 0 SHOP VIVESUPPORT JOIN TEAM HTC AND GET PERKS! > UPDATES & DOWNLOADS HTC 10 Maintenance Release Instructions 4.7.2017 This software upgrade available for your HTC 10 provides the following key enhancements: · Bug fixes · March 2017 Android Security Updates.
  16. I'm confused. Received an update today and my software number is now 1.80.651.30. Did I miss something?
  17. centermedic

    HTC Bolt

    Well, you clearly don't have an enhanced network enabled device so........
  18. This just makes your decision even more suspect but alas, it is a free country.
  19. And you do realize that an exploding battery can cause some serious bodily harm and even death right? I would personally want to see what QA improvements they have made before going forward.
  20. Sprint will definitley lose customers. the bet is that they can raise ARPU enough to cover the loss of customers and make more money. They can only do that by generating good will with its customers and still being able to make the value proposition. Verizon really has very little room to discount. T-Mo and AT&T have some flexibility so Sprint will have to make sure their plans are competitive with those two..
  21. As much as I don't like John this is an accepted buisness practice. Entice them in and then jack up the price. Marcelo recently stated that he planned to do the same thing.
  22. Valid points. However, Sprint will continue to look better when compared to the other three national providors. Much is made about Sprints debt load. However, Verizons debt load is through the roof, especially after their buyout of Yahoo. AT&T has a managable debt load. Not sure about T-Mo but I suspect that they are in the best finacial position to continue the price wars. Verizon must keep their profit margin where it is in order to keep the investors happy.
  23. Between my wife and I we have had atleast 6 HTC phones and we never had this issue.
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