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  1. I am hoping, a long shot hope... Hear me out. That HTC will make a model that performs like the N5 RF wise and is a Google Play addition with the ability to activate on Sprint. 



    Great RF performance

    GSM/CDMA capable

    Google Edition


    If it has those I will scoop ONE up so fast!

    I see what you did there!

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  2. This actually is not my guess. This is a reiteration of the dates supplied on the Network Deployment list on this site. So if anyone is guessing, it wasn't me. Some second and third round markets are showing completion dates of late 2014. I would say that I'm more negative than positive but a pessimist. Never.

    Key word is SOME. The big question is are you holding Sprint to a literal definition of completion and if you are then why do you feel it is important to do so?

  3. Even allowing for the large negative bias of online forums, which attract the ranters, whiners and haters disproportionately, I have to wonder if this press release was a smart marketing move after all. We here know there was not much substantive news to motivate it, all PR.But mostly, by listing these 100 cities large and small, Sprint seems to have pissed off everybody who lives in the other thousands of cities that were not listed. In the context of a customer base that is justifiably frustrated with the legacy network, it doesn't take much to light a firestorm.

    i equate this with sprint getting rid of the customers that called customer service too much a few years back. The list serves to hold on to those customers in the listed cities/markets and maybe start to attract more customers in those markets. Just as important, if a customer leaves because their market is not listed then they were probably going to leave anyhow. Why use resources to hold onto a disgruntled customer that ultimately you would not be able to keep?

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  4. "Now data is another issue."You aren't kidding. My 3G is almost unusable for Rdio, and I haven't even bothered opening Netflix on 3G in a year. Even Google Voice fails to work sometimes. I'm definitely ready to see some improvements, or for people to switch carriers. I blame the iPhone. :)

    I have a few good spots in Raleigh but they are almost always dependent on traffic. In other words they are pretty fast at night and sometimes not usable during the day.

  5. Why don't you go take a long walk off a short pier with your honesty because no matter how much you think I'm lying about not receiving any communication from Sprint you're dead wrong. I'm willing to PM you my email and username just to prove my point. I also have a close friend who ordered about two minutes after I did and has also yet to receive ANYTHING from Sprint. And NO HTC played NO role in this as it was ultimately Sprint who knew for over a month that the phones were being stopped yet still tried to push as release. My new phrase for the month is, “Risk with Mitigation!”

    This was HTC's responsibility as the builder and shipper of the phone. Sprint has to go by what HTC has told them and it is obvious at this point that HTC thought they had given customs enough lead time to confirm that there was no patent infringement. Could Sprint have been more communicative? Yes, I agree with you there. But they did release information on the delay. Worse comes to worse you can refuse the shipment, get your money back, cancel your account and get the One X at AT&T if you feel that strongly that this was Sprints fault.
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