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  1. @NWSILN Incredible !! Its been an historic day, and even those snow haters can appreciate today and its rarity if… https://t.co/pihwgUz7Ri

  2. @OutFrontCNN May have lol

  3. @McDonalds Please put tater tots on the menu, price them at $1.29 for an order of 10 tots and watch them sell like… https://t.co/B7r4cLNOhk

  4. @jmsiv99 Yep, if its cloudy, its trumps fault, if its sunny, its trumps fault, if your neighbors lawm mower is too… https://t.co/QJ6cwVXU3G

  5. @NWSILN Outstanding, nothing like a good ole old snowfall in April, maybe we can keep winter going into May ! Latest date for snow @CVG??

  6. @CNN https://t.co/zB74DN6kjv

  7. RT @plasma1: @CNN Clinton investigations ramping up, soon Obama, Bill, Hillary, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder will be under supeona and…

  8. @OutFrontCNN Of course the big lots table and chairs will fall apart inside of 2 years and don't put an adult over… https://t.co/sLSWzIj1AI

  9. @OutFrontCNN @AprilDRyan To all the loved ones and families of those Dead in the horrible Bridge collapse in Florid… https://t.co/Q5OpcXEUx5

  10. @CNN Several years in real time since the investigations started, (under Obama) unmasking etc and unlimited budget… https://t.co/2DBTRBrE2J

  11. @OutFrontCNN Cnn, why are you so one sided? Why do you intentionally hide all the wrong doing on the other side but… https://t.co/mlPIzUCY3e

  12. @CNN https://t.co/aGlOMnVPg5

  13. @DelbertRileyJr @CNN He earned Ukraine, he reduced regulations on oil, natural gas, all of which hurt Russia badl… https://t.co/oSo7orpw26

  14. @CNN @VanJones68 https://t.co/ULZ3ULClJi

  15. @IngrahamAngle @DRUDGE How can Cnn and msnbc even sleep at night with their constant lies and bs

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