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  1. Ok so browsing the web I came across this... Sprint says all devices will be LTE compatible or they will replace with a LTE device. (I doubt it) http://www.acsyndica...te-is-this-tru/ After reading I decided to get in a chat with a Sprint Rep and see what I could find out. See the conversation below: Sprint: We received your information and will connect you with a Chat Specialist soon. Gil P.: Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am happy to help you. Please hold a moment while I access your account. Gil P.: Eric, can you please elaborate more on the question. You: I just recently got upgraded to a Photon 4G ... Ive been doing alot of research online and see Sprint is switching to 4G LTE and have read mixed answers on wether or not the Photon 4G, a wimax device, will be able to get a LTE signal... Gil P.: Thanks for the information. Gil P.: yes, absolutely, in no way it will effect your phone, your phone will get the LTE signal as well. Gil P.: Eric, any thing else you wish to know about the network. You: will an update be required to be able to receive the signal? Gil P.: No, it would be automatically be set up so that it does not hinder in using your phone. You: is there any timeline for when the 4G LTE will be available in my area? ive read that Sprint has already began deploying it Gil P.: Can I have your zip code to check this for you. You: 01605 Gil P.: Thank you. Gil P.: Please allow me a few moments to check this for you. You: ok thanks Gil P.: Thanks for waiting. Gil P.: The 4G LTE Coverage is not launched yet in your location, its in the process for launching, no exact date is launched yet. You: sprint decided to stop carrying the photon by the end of april and it hasnt been out for even a year yet ... whats the reason for this? will this device still gets updates? possibly even android 4.0 ice cream sandwich? Gil P.: Yes, as long as the phone is in stock and our Customer's are using the phone, there would be updates still available. You: is the evo 4g also lte conpatible? Gil P.: Yes, all the smart phones are LTE compatible. Gil P.: Eric, any thing else I may assist you with/ You: why are they releasing a new evo 4g lte phone if the current phone is lte compatible ... ? none of the fcc documents indicate anything about the current phones being 4g lte compatible? Gil P.: No, Sprint is not releasing new evo with 4g lte, what I mean is that if the lte is launched, Sprint is ensuring that the phones work so that no one has any issues with the launching of lte. You: sprint announced on april 4th i beleive the release of a Evo 4G LTE Gil P.: The New phone set to launch is the LG Viper. Gil P.: Not the EVO. Gil P.: It would be for less then $100. You: i know about the viper ... that and a nexues i beleive are supposed to be the first phones to use the 4g lte network, which makes me belive that older phone will not be able to use 4g LTE. the evo was introduced but no realease date set Gil P.: Yes, Eric, you are right, Sprint will ensure that no issues occour so that you can use the phones with the presence of Lte networks. You: im not concerned about issues using my phone once lte launches ... i want to know if my phone is LTE compatible> i understand my phone will still work on 3g and wi max once lte launches but I want to know if I will be able to connect to the new LTE network with my current phone. Gil P.: Yes, Eric, your phone is compatible to LTE network and you will be able to operate the phone on this network. You: so once LTE launches in my area i will be able to connect to 4g LTE network? and not be in the old wi max network? Gil P.: Yes, absolutely you are correct. You: well we will see what happens because ive talked to another agent and they said wi max devices will not be able to use the new 4g lte network Gil P.: Please be assure, Eric, it will be working fine and you won't face any issues. You: quote: Megan: Phones that are WiMAX capable will not run on the LTE network, however, WiMAX will coexist for years with LTS, so WiMAX phones will not become obsolete once we launch LTE. Separate devices created with the LTE specific chipset, antenna, and other hardware will be made available to use on the LTE network. Gil P.: The Wimax phones will however work because Sprint is launching a software that enables the phone to work inspite of launching the LTE networks. You: so this software will allow a wi max device to connect to LTE network and get LTE data speeds? Gil P.: Yes, that's right. You: ok, thank you for all you help Gil P.: You're welcome! Agent is typing...
  2. Sprint forums ... link where I read about the Verizon sim being tested in the Photon ... http://community.spr.../message/400000
  3. Im glad to see Sprints updating my area with 4G LTE but whats the deal with there phones? I just got a Photon 4G last weekend and Im reading lots of things that its wimax only. Can anyone confirm this? Ive read Sprint has no LTE phones yet and Ive read someone tested the Photon 4G from Sprint with a Verizon LTE sim card and connected to Verizons' LTE towers. I live right in between 2 of those towers in the Worcester area and work near another in Aubrun but I cant connect to 4G.
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