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  1. @SenRubioPress, Oppose @AjitPaiFCC's plan to gut #NetNeutrality. Keep the internet free and open.

  2. @WFTV stop fear mongering. Broken ankle in Clermont story but no relation to the storm. Just stop.

  3. @Ask_Spectrum Yes, it was across multiple devices for me. Looks like service is back now. Just frustrating to not f… https://t.co/GN57DPhKMI

  4. The signal isnt' bad, I never have any call issues, it's the data speeds that are unusable. It extends through research park and is generally slow everywhere in east Orlando. I did manage to run a speed test downtown last weekend and was pleasantly surprised. No LTE, but adequate 3g speeds.
  5. East side of Orlando has been terrible for me. Specifically the Avalon Park area. I drive by the tower every day hoping to see some trucks out front. Here's some recent tests from the past two days.
  6. Xbox 360 Twittering is hard

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