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  1. What is the difference between SOI0003a and SGI0003a
  2. Got it on my iPhone 6s after manually updating.
  3. Better yet. Any word on eSIM support on the SE?
  4. Huh? The networks are merging, Sprint 41 (2500mhz) will become T-Mobile...
  5. ICCID = SIM CARD NUMBER. Without a SIM card there is no ICCID...
  6. I'm not seeing this A, B, C...
  7. I have a Verizon LG G2 and it does have a SIM... The only difference between the two is the supported LTE bands... https://www.phonescoop.com/phones/compare.php?p=4112,4215
  8. Is that site that compares and shows changes in PRL's still around?
  9. I would do the ESIM and IMEI (for CDMA) with Sprint and use a physical Verizon SIM...
  10. You mean the band that it is using works in your apartment. If they replace it with LTE on that same frequency you should be fine.
  11. Interesting. Mine does not contain "SG". You're going to have a different SIM card on that newer iPhone so the question is does it match the other iPhone's SIM?
  12. The version number is printed on the sim card itself.
  13. Are your SIM card's part and version numbers identical?
  14. I meant to mention assuming I could update the associated IMEI through the website.
  15. I've had PRL's in the 5xxxx series ever since iOS 9.3.3 so I don't think the iOS version is the problem. Someone here mentioned the SIM
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