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  1. I'm at Fox Valley Technical College (Appleton, WI) w/ 3 others http://t.co/rsbF1IHsPW

  2. His foot was in the box. Dumb ump.

  3. Papa Johns Coupon: Get 50% Off your menu price Pepsi 2-Liters the day after... http://t.co/UqsawxRelO

  4. Enter @gifthulk #$100 #CincodeMayo #GIVEAWAY for a chance to #WIN $100 Amazon/PayPal Gift Cards http://t.co/odzRJEFFYy

  5. Come with me to the #EarthDaySmiles Twitter party on 4/22 at 1pm ET. Full info & prizes: http://t.co/X72yNyuayx

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