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  1. Yes, the first map for every carrier shows three carrier aggregation but the maps below that show individual channel ownership and that is where the confusion is.
  2. There has been some back and forth on Twitter this morning with Mike Dano, FierceWireless editor and Allnet Insights, the creator of the maps for the article. Allnet Insights says that the maps only include the three largest channels of LTE spectrum that are, or will be part of a carrier aggregation strategy. Mike Dano feels like this was disclosed and I told him that I completely disagreed. The article doesn't even use the phrase carrier aggregation.
  3. What does this sentence even mean? It seems like it circles back to stating the same thing that both is and isn't included in the maps. "To be clear, these maps don’t show actual LTE deployments, only the spectrum that likely is used or will be used for LTE deployments."
  4. TMobile is now ending Jump On Demand as well. http://m.gsmarena.com/tmobile_abruptly_stops_offering_jump_on_demand_lease_option_for_new_customers-blog-20885.php
  5. Yes, they have full building 802.11ac wifi deployments as standard with guest, student and faculty ssids. They've just never supported wifi calling of any kind before so we're looking at the density and bandwidth implications of doing so. This is a 36,000 student campus and we're not privy to their overall campus bandwidth but the building will have dual fiber entrances as part of a fiber ring.
  6. Thanks for that Cisco link. That's very helpful.
  7. Is that a public information source showing in that screenshot?
  8. You can't really compare expected speeds across carriers when the utilization (number of customers) is different for each carrier.
  9. We're starting discussions with a collegiate client who is building a new building, about supporting Wi-Fi calling and messaging rather than investing in a DAS. Can anyone point me to any credible technical information that would provide some guidance on the bandwidth of the compression schemes used in Wi-Fi calling and messaging?
  10. Don't we already have those AT&T maps? Their coverage map has filters for 4G LTE, HSPA, 3G and Edge. It seems like they are being upfront about their coverage. My frustration with Sprint is that without S4GRU we have no idea where the pre-NV sites are because it's all advertised as LTE.
  11. Happened every time to me when roaming in USCC territory. Only fix is to place a phone call which somehow registers you on their network. Hang up and data will be flowing. Reboot, profile update and airplane mode toggle don't work.
  12. In my situation is was definitely roaming only. Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  13. I got the same screen shot with US Cellular in northwest Iowa earlier this month as well. It showed 1X Sprint and LTE with USCC and I had about 10Mbps speeds. Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
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