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  1. Got the update. So far my lockscreen issues and random locking issues haven't reappeared after the update. I also haven't had my phone go unresponsive for random periods like it was doing after the previous update anymore.
  2. I have a similar problem where i can't turn my phone on and get to the lockscreen sometimes. If I'm in power saving mode I can turn on and unlock my phone maybe 1 of 10 times. It seems to happen more when the battery gets lower, but that may be just random. It's driving me nuts.
  3. A couple updates ago my GPS did something similar. It is unusable driving, just keeps losing its lock and usually can't lock on again. Standing still it works fine. I read one post of someone on XDA saying the initial hardware rev have a bad/uncalibrated IMU, which would explain why mine doesn't work only while driving and fine when standing still..
  4. Anyone having GPS issues? Mine seemed good in October/November/December. But after that I started having issues when navigating in google maps or waze where I get GPS Connection Lost while driving. I can be in the middle of an open highway when it happens or on backcountry roads stopped at a stop sign. Read about some similar issues on other forums where people pointed to issues with the earlier hardware revision.
  5. Also, if you look at the S4 on Sprint.com it is also listed as "International wifi calling" just like the note 4. The news release for S4 International Wifi Calling is here. It lists free domestic wifi calling and standard international rates apply. http://newsroom.sprint.com/blogs/devices-apps-and-services/tri-band-capable-samsung-galaxy-s-4-gets-wi-fi-calling.htm ^^^just noticed someone already said that a page back.
  6. I got 2 confirmations fron sprint that "International Wifi calling" does include the US. It's just a PR term. If for some reason it didn't, mine would be going back.
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