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  1. I'm getting LTE all over my house now as well as hawthorne Gardena Torrance and some redondo beach. Sprint is exploding LTE now this is awesome. Average speeds very between 6 and 15Mbps. Inside my house I get aboit3 and 6
  2. Wow I have to say that coverage in la Gardena hawthorne Torrancefor lLTEis everywhere. HHaven't had a drop in LTEttraveling at all. I'm loving this
  3. LTE is finally right outside my door step in Hawthorne. I get about 4-8 down. The other day going to in n out on inglewood I got 21down and 6 up. Faster then my home Internet. I used sensorly also.
  4. yeah I know what you mean. It's very spotty but coverage keeps improving which is all we could ask fo r. Now if it stops Improving g th en we worry lol
  5. interesting I'm in Hawthorne myself near inglewood Ave on 135th St. Gunna keep my eye out for some LTE goodness in my neck of the woods. Will keep u guys posted.
  6. yeah same for me. I people ere were complaining about not having lte in they're area and yet we got crap 3g still. Really sucks. I'm in Hawthorne area right where it's clear from purple lol
  7. I gave up on lte in my area Hawthorne. I I'm just going to wait till sometime next year.
  8. It can be waisted if you are actually connected to lte and 2 it is dependent on how well you signal. Strength to the actual tower is. I also I'd like to point out that perhaps people see no difference because they always have lte on and don't test it for they're own conclusions. This is just my personal experiences and doesn't necessarily mean they are the same for others as well.
  9. here's hoping it gets to my neck of the woods then cus my 3g is horid 0.7speds
  10. All I know is I hope I get some better 3g or lte speeds here cus 0.2down is crap.
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