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  1. I will stay with New T-Mobile for now. I wonder how this will affect our plans. When will we be able to use the T-Mobile towers & will we keep Hulu? Our one and only Sprint tower still hasn’t switched to LTE yet & just last week Sprint told me they have no idea when or if that will happen.
  2. I got my MB a couple of months ago after being told my location qualified. The LTE radio was supposed to have been activated by then. I was even promised by someone from the Sprint executive offices that LTE would be available. To date LTE still isn't here so the MB is still in the box. It took me weeks to get an answer from Sprint about LTE in my area. The last call actually had me believing Sprint really can tell the truth. I was wrong and very disappointed.
  3. Paul0451

    LG V30

    I read a review that stated the bloatware on the V30 was out of control. I was in a Sprint store today and handled a V30. I didn't see any bloatware on it. Is there anything to that story? I'm planning on buying one soon. Sprint only carries the V30+ so now I'm thinking of buying the V30 from the LG website. The Sprint store didn't have any in stock today or I'd have that one now. It's time for me to make a decision. Sprint store or LG online. Your thoughts please.
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