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  1. Im hoping bucdenny prediction will come true for Phoenix Az. Ive been waiting for any 4g since I bought the epic 4g lol when it first came out what 3 years ago? With the Sprint stores saying to me the whole time frame "its just around the corner" and "should only be a couple more months". I purchased the galaxy note 2 last summer with the hopes lte would be out my ends year last year.. Maybe this year?? I predict no later than the end of 2014. Well see.
  2. It amazes me that citys with populations as low as 12,000 are getting it in 2nd round, when are they going to take care of the almost 2 million poeple in Phoenix AZ. ?? I guess sprint certainly is not rolling it out based on population size lol. This makes no sense to me.
  3. Well with the latest 100 city news for 2nd round doesnt look good for phoenix. If anyone hears about phoenix lined up of 3rd round please let me know. I cant believe citys with populations of 12,000 are getting it and phoenix population almost 2 million??? doesnt make any sense, any comments..?? sprint sure isnt rolling it out based on population size.
  4. New news but im sure not all true, Att is saying they will be the only ones to have the note2?? will wait and see. http://www.latinospost.com/articles/3292/20120825/samsung-galaxy-note-2-release-date-phablet-with-unbreakable-hd-display-to-launch-aug-29-for-at-t-status-unknown-for-other-carriers-video.htm
  5. 3 links about Note 2 hopefully sept will be a good month http://www.popherald.com/news_20120823_iphone_5_galaxy_note_2_september_release_date-19562 http://www.gottabemobile.com/2012/08/21/samsung-galaxy-note-2-details-take-shape-as-launch-date-approaches/ http://www.t3.com/news/samsung-galaxy-note-2-release-date-specs-and-price-rumours
  6. My wife and I's contract with sprint ended this month. She wants the s3 and I am waiting for the Note 2. Living in Phoenix it would be nice to be able to get both of them by years end and maybe early next year get the LTE to go with it.. certainly would be nice. We can only hope. Im wondering when Sprint NV gets all completed how there going to stay unlimited? Im sure it will change.
  7. Any thoughts from anyone whether Sprint will get this phone.? Its announcement from Samsung this month on the 29th will unvail it.
  8. im sorry im new to these boards. could someone explain to me what 2nd round and 3rd round means specifically? in time frame? and is there any new info about phoenix and its 4glte here? thanks.
  9. My contract with sprint ends in Sept 2012. With news of the galaxy note 2 coming out and possibility of sprint carrying it with 4g lte. I will be looking forward to getting it and hope the rollout for phoenix goes as what i read above. Went I went into a sprint store a few days ago the rep said they have i think 5 phones now that they sell using there 4g lte. with the s3 the most recent. It will be interesting to see if samsung gets it out for the usa before apples iphone 5.
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