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  1. So now that there is LTE in the swifter Market anyone have info about it? expansion? into the hills? anything?
  2. is the coverage on Sensorly correct up through watertown and north with LTE?
  3. So does anyone have any info on the 4G thats been showing up in Sioux Falls on Sensorly? i also see some in brookings. what band are they using? is it decent speed?
  4. Has anyone else noticed LTE in Sioux Falls on sensory?? Can anyone confirm that
  5. Thats really too bad.. they really need to buy them out or something. Id really like to enjoy LTE in SD haha
  6. Why wouldnt sprint pay for swiftel to upgrade there towers, when they are willing to pay CCA carriers like James Valley to upgrade.. makes no sense to me...
  7. Last time i was up at my Family's near Doland, SD i used about 800 MB and it was all Native on my bill. its pretty sweet!
  8. Windom, MN and Marshall, MN now have LTE!! Pretty awesome seeing it light up around me
  9. this is so AWESOME! if they were to add towers to the dakotas, does that interfere in any way with swiftel? can sprint add towers in the dakotas with out there permission? or how does that work.
  10. i roam on rock wireless when im at my parents ranch in McIntosh, SD its not a GSM carrier.. its actually pretty nice because verizon and att have no coverage at all in that area.
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