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  1. I am confused by Son's latest comments. Now, after the failed merger, they say they'll invest serious money into Sprint network. Softbank has owned Sprint for 5 years. What happened last 5 years? Spending just enough to get by? Are they saying NOW they are serious about rebuilding Sprint?
  2. If Charter were to buy a majority of Sprint, judging by what they have done to TimeWarner Cable, I see it as horrible. I hope Softbank gets serious about Sprint. I often get the impression they are just trying to flip Sprint.
  3. Anyone know the dial code to get into the service menu? I want to initiate a proximity sensor test. Hopefully will recalibrate it.
  4. LG V20 for aural pleasure. 2nd screen is useful. Maybe Sprint will throw another promo on them. S8 for a lot of everything which sadly includes the worst placed fingerprint sensor ever. And you have decided if you like the shiny, glass edges. Check out the G6 too. What might make the difference on these in what specials they are offering.
  5. We're talking about the LG V20, not an LG G4. It was released just months ago, during a time when Sprint knew HPUE was right around the corner. I'm sure Sprint and LG have conversations about what Sprint needs in their phones. In addition, LG advertised as the modem as "future proof."
  6. Good to know my LG V20 with "advanced programmable modem" is already outdated. Can they add this functionality to the V20?
  7. I'm in a CA market. What should the settings be to ensure 3x CA is on?
  8. My LG V20 got it on Dec 12. Wife's Nexus 5 still doesn't have it.
  9. Got the LG V20 on Black Friday. Sprint store was well stocked with employees, like 10 to 12. Unfortunately, I was the only one waiting. (This is in a city with about 129k pop.) Loving the phone so far. I miss the stylus of the Note, but I know I'll get more use out of the secondary display than the stylus. Do wish the primary display was OLED. Awesome audio. My free TV came in. Debating whether to keep. I read about the RGBW on it. Enter the RGB vs RGBW debate.
  10. Wow. Disappointing for us. I could trade in my Note 4 and get a V20 for $200 plus get $200 credit. I would love a deal like that.
  11. Better camera than Note 4? That's good to know. I thought the Note 4 was a pretty good camera.
  12. Looking at the LG V20. Sprint has a good BF deal, but I don't really need a TV. Would rather price match Verizon and throw a $200 discount on top. Anyone know of good V20 BF deals?
  13. Well. That's disappointing. With the Note 7 overpriced and the Nexus being a par to subpar performer, it's looking like I'll hang on to the Note 4 for another year. Maybe LG will surprise and bring a great V20 to Sprint. They just cut their mobile division, so that doesn't look good.
  14. Every crowd sourced report, e.g. OpenSignal, Sensorly, Ookla, should include a breakdown of carrier usage. Preference or lack of affects the weighting of results. OpenSignal said their tests were the results of billions of test given by 120k users. What's the makeup of those 120k users? 50k T-Mobile users and the remaining 70k divided among the remaining 3?
  15. I had to turn mine on after the update. Maybe it's default if you do a factory reset. I'm enjoying Marshmallow so far. It's an improvement over Lollipop for me. Also enjoying Good Lock. Just make sure you turn off the fingerprint lock screen before installing. Latest version may have fixed that bug. Haven't checked.
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