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  1. Yes sir. AT&T just doesn't cut it at my in-laws cabin out there. And since I'm out of Baltimore, that only leaves Sprint or Verizon. I suppose the new T-Mobile could workout for me if USCC gets their VoLTE deployment moving. Hopefully that happens before everyone on Sprint gets shifted to the T-Mobile GSM network.
  2. I hope that we get to keep the penalty-free USCC LTE data roaming on the new T-Mobile. That's been one of the standout features over Verizon because Verizon only does 1x data roaming on USCC (Deep Creek Lake, West MD, etc.). I know T-Mobile has some LTE roaming on to USCC, but only in VoLTE areas far away from Deep Creek Lake and only specific phones.
  3. Try rebooting your phone and then do a UICC unlock. This phone is pretty bug-ridden, so it wouldn't surprise me if you needed to do that.
  4. According to the fella I've been talking to at Sprint, this issue is getting partially fixed in a software update on 2/5/18. I'm looking forward to reactivating my Essential when the patch comes, I had to reactivate my Nexus 6p and I definitely like the Essential more. My Nexus 6p is bulkier, goes through a battery charge much faster, and is harder to view in direct daylight. But, it just has way fewer bugs than the Essential. I'm hoping this fix, along with 8.1 helps the usability of this phone.
  5. Or it was all dream the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle had lol... https://youtu.be/ZD2Dvzadhvk BTW, Better Call Saul was also good. Not nearly as violent (so far) as Breaking Bad and it's funny. IMO, Bob Odendirk is another underrated actor too. That show should be on Netflix soon, I'd imagine.
  6. Excellent show! I always thought Bryan Cranston was talented. I remember him back when he was a guest on Seinfeld. I will say that Breaking Bad starts off slow in the first season but it really takes off by the end of the first season. I rarely see a show like that, which continues to get better each season. The Walking Dead is good, but the pacing isn't for everyone. It's very stop-go with the action and gore. That seems to put some folks off. Jessica Jones is a good show. I'm tempted to check out Daredevil; I heard there's a crossover of the two shows.
  7. Your boss has a wicked temper lol. Didn't he just throw a Note 3 against the wall a few weeks ago? I think Bluetooth 4.0 has some serious issues that have yet to be addressed in AOSP. I used to get the same complaint about the voice quality using the dealer installed Blu Logic system in my car. Turning off WiFi when on calls fixes the issue or setting the WiFi Frequency band to 5 GHz helped somewhat. That poor quality is still an issue with my Nexus 5 and Moto X (2013) though. The OnePlus One (Bluetooth 4.1) I scored seems OK though. Maybe it's just the POS Blu Logic lol... I seriously
  8. I had the same problem using the Nexus 5 on AT&T and T-Mobile. The biggest gripe I had was it would drop connectivity totally when going from LTE to HSPA. I also had poor connectivity in general on both carriers too on that phone. I've even done an RMA with the Google Play Store and the replacement wasn't better, however the GPS issues seemed fixed. Like you, I bought mine on the first day.
  9. I used the Nexus 5 on AT&T/T-Mobile and was disappointed at the RF performance. I could literally lose network connectivity entirely by putting the phone in my pocket, whereas I didn't have that issue with other smartphones. I tried different radios and even an RMA. From all of the posts in this thread, it looks like many folks are tinkering with the radio for better LTE performance. Out of curiousity, how is RF performance on the Nexus 5 compared to other Sprint smartphones?
  10. I'd definitely consider a Motorola Nexus. I just hope it's not 5.9 inches like the rumor suggests, which is too big IMO. The Moto X is a pretty solid phone. I had signal on the Moto X where the LG Nexus 5 had nothing, mind you that was all on AT&T. The only thing I'm not crazy about with Motorola is their AMOLED displays, they just aren't bright enough in direct sunlight.
  11. That could be a hardware defect. Are you in a position to get your Nexus swapped out? There were apparently some early Nexus 5 batches that had poor GPS performance.
  12. I do apologize that you felt my responses were argumentative and innapropriate, but I simply differ in opinion from you. I honestly mean no disrespect. I do have a significant amount of Android experience and I prefer to not assume everyone knows what I do. That's why I'm cautionary and replied back to you. I don't encourage people to tinker in areas I'm comfortable with just because I'm that confident. I like to advise of the danger of handling those screens. I have to ask you and again I don't mean to be disrespectful, but are you saying that your status on this forum restricts any diff
  13. Well, good for you. I don't have an issue using those screens myself, but just because I feel comfortable using those screens, doesn't justify the risk you inherit. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  14. That's not an ideal solution though. You really shouldn't be entering either of those engineering and testing screens on a regular basis because of the off chance that you could change an important setting inadvertently.
  15. That's good to know and bookmarked [emoji4] My Bluetooth interference problem seems to be mostly from the WiFi 2.4GHz frequency band. Switching the WiFi to 5GHz helps a lot. Although, I do pick up very minor interference when my Nexus 5 has LTE enabled, it's not bad enough for me to resort to disabling LTE automatically. I can disable WiFi automatically with AutomateIt and that seems to be pretty full proof. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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