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  1. Yes sir. AT&T just doesn't cut it at my in-laws cabin out there. And since I'm out of Baltimore, that only leaves Sprint or Verizon. I suppose the new T-Mobile could workout for me if USCC gets their VoLTE deployment moving. Hopefully that happens before everyone on Sprint gets shifted to the T-Mobile GSM network.
  2. I hope that we get to keep the penalty-free USCC LTE data roaming on the new T-Mobile. That's been one of the standout features over Verizon because Verizon only does 1x data roaming on USCC (Deep Creek Lake, West MD, etc.). I know T-Mobile has some LTE roaming on to USCC, but only in VoLTE areas far away from Deep Creek Lake and only specific phones.
  3. Try rebooting your phone and then do a UICC unlock. This phone is pretty bug-ridden, so it wouldn't surprise me if you needed to do that.
  4. According to the fella I've been talking to at Sprint, this issue is getting partially fixed in a software update on 2/5/18. I'm looking forward to reactivating my Essential when the patch comes, I had to reactivate my Nexus 6p and I definitely like the Essential more. My Nexus 6p is bulkier, goes through a battery charge much faster, and is harder to view in direct daylight. But, it just has way fewer bugs than the Essential. I'm hoping this fix, along with 8.1 helps the usability of this phone.
  5. Or it was all dream the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle had lol... https://youtu.be/ZD2Dvzadhvk BTW, Better Call Saul was also good. Not nearly as violent (so far) as Breaking Bad and it's funny. IMO, Bob Odendirk is another underrated actor too. That show should be on Netflix soon, I'd imagine.
  6. Excellent show! I always thought Bryan Cranston was talented. I remember him back when he was a guest on Seinfeld. I will say that Breaking Bad starts off slow in the first season but it really takes off by the end of the first season. I rarely see a show like that, which continues to get better each season. The Walking Dead is good, but the pacing isn't for everyone. It's very stop-go with the action and gore. That seems to put some folks off. Jessica Jones is a good show. I'm tempted to check out Daredevil; I heard there's a crossover of the two shows.
  7. I always thought Radio Shack was overpriced and had poor customer service. I won't be sad if they close.
  8. I remember that I used to eagerly want an iPhone because I had an iPod Touch and loved it. Back then, my phone was a LG Voyager (Verizon) and it was called an "iPhone Killer", [emoji38]. Yeah, a dolled up feature phone <> an iPhone. Back in the day, iPhones were so far ahead of the game. Now that I can get an iPhone, I find it's just not for me. I tried an iPhone 5 a year and a half ago and that felt like taking a step backwards. The lack of customization and high cost is what keeps me away now.
  9. Agreed. I do see a silver lining though. The "revolving door" indicates that more people are venturing out of their comfort zones for cellular service. I see this as a good thing for Sprint too as some folks unhappy with T-Mobile might go the extra step to try another provider such as Sprint.
  10. I meant Owen because AT&T had Luke for those old rollover commercials lol.
  11. I wonder if T-Mobile would bring in Owen Wilson to do commercials to counter AT&T now. EDIT: can't post link to YouTube video of Luke kicking pucks of "minutes" into a hole.
  12. And I'm now out of them! Enjoy everyone!
  13. Your boss has a wicked temper lol. Didn't he just throw a Note 3 against the wall a few weeks ago? I think Bluetooth 4.0 has some serious issues that have yet to be addressed in AOSP. I used to get the same complaint about the voice quality using the dealer installed Blu Logic system in my car. Turning off WiFi when on calls fixes the issue or setting the WiFi Frequency band to 5 GHz helped somewhat. That poor quality is still an issue with my Nexus 5 and Moto X (2013) though. The OnePlus One (Bluetooth 4.1) I scored seems OK though. Maybe it's just the POS Blu Logic lol... I seriously hope HD/VoLTE helps in some way though.
  14. I have 5 invites ready to go to anyone that has donated to or volunteered at a charitable organization this year.
  15. It's really good for a smaller player to be able to say it is faster, more reliable, has fewer dropped calls, etc. It wasn't that long ago when Sprint was one of the first carriers to adopt unlimited calling and everyone else followed suit, including Verizon (or Bell Atlantic Mobile). I'd like to see Sprint being a disruptive player again.
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