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  1. I monitored the signal coming down Blanding Blvd from I-295 until Old Jennings Road. The signal stayed on B41, but bounced between Sprint and Clearwire. I had a B41(2) signal at Jefferson Ave and Blanding Blvd. Here are the screenshots from SignalCheck Pro and Speedtest. Pretty impressive speeds at that location.
  2. Hi all, been a while since Ive posted. Anyone have a clue as to why the speeds are horrid here off of Riverside Avenue near the Fuller Warren Bridge in Jacksonville? Using SignalCheck Pro and Speedtest. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge, fully updated, PRL 55057. On Automatic Mode, I get B41 or B26, mainly B26. Speeds are .30Mbps down, .70 Mbps up. B26 shows -88 dBm, B41 shows -112 dBm. On LTE/CDMA mode I get B26. Speeds/Signal are the same as Automatic. On CDMA mode, I get .80Mbps down, .40Mbps up, -72 dBm. When I get B41, SignalCheck Pro shows Clearwire B41 (311870). On B26, it shows Sprint B26 (310120). I sit in an area that is surrounded by windows on 3 walls, so it shouldn't be a signal issue, and SignalCheck Pro shows no issue either.
  3. Anyone else having issues keeping LTE? Or it taking forever to switch from 3G to LTE? Note4 with 5.0.1 and there are quite a few towers with this issue. The one in Orange Park on south Blanding never wants to connect to LTE when I leave my house unless I toggle airplane mode. It will stay on 3G from Old Jennings to Publix at College before it switches. I'm also dropping LTE and switching to 3G at Deerwood and Southside Blvd. Downtown is still solid, I can keep LTE even in elevators, so it's not the phone.
  4. I was able to grab band 41 coming down Blanding until I turned onto Old Jennigs heading west, then it switch to band 25. Band 41 was at 121 RSRP. When it switched to Band 25 it was 102 RSRP, then stayed on 25 when I pulled into my driveway with a strength of 123 RSRP.
  5. The area from Bear Run to Old Jennings used to be a bad dead zone. I can now get LTE in my driveway. The signal usually stays between 105 to 115 RSRP on band 25, I haven't seen 26 or 41 in my driveway yet, but I'll grab some screens when I do. I upgraded to a Note 4, so that does help. Inside 1x is spotty, but wifi calling works fine, so no more Airave. It's still 3G only at my wife's work, but at least it no longer roams.
  6. I understand that there is better signal levels around town, but the issues we've had are with my wife's work and our house. My phone drops LTE as soon as I turn into my neighborhood and I cannot keep enough signal to make calls in my wood framed house. My phone starts roaming when I pull into my wife's work parking lot. I can carry LTE everywhere else except for the Buckman span at time with my 2 year old phone. I'll try to borrow a new spark phone from work, if we have one, to check again with these two locations. As far as new phones, anyone know how the LG G3 is signal wise compared to the GS5 or Note 4 in our area?
  7. When I last talked to Sprint customer service (around June), they stated that the area around my wife's work is in a low signal area. Unless I can verify that a new S5 or LG G3 would work, I hesitate to pull the trigger. I can't justify sticking with them anymore for her phone unless they have coverage, so any decision to upgrade phones and plans hinges on truly checking the signal. I doubt Sprint will let me upgrade with a 30 day return cancellation as an existing customer lol.
  8. How are the newer phones signal reception on Sprint as far as 1x 800 goes? The wife and I are getting new phones in the next few weeks and she is about to jump ship. She doesn't need data at work, but hates that she cannot even makes calls or text on her cell phone. At home, we are stuck with the Airave still. Even if she jumps to AT&T or Verizon, I'll probably stay with Sprint. I get good LTE at work downtown, and decent LTE in the Deerwood area at my companies HQ, but drop to 3G inside. I don't care so much about data at any work location or home as I can use wifi. We both have older GS3s, so I cannot check 1x 800 coverage. If anyone is around Argyle and/or Old Jennings and Blanding, can you do me a favor and check an address (not just down the road)? If you can, message me and I'll send you the addresses.
  9. The company that owns it primarily leases their towers to Sprint. Last year I had a person on the engineering side mention that was going to be a Sprint tower, and the escalation customer service has also mentioned it. That tower is around 1 mile from my house and it would help fill in the signal holes there.
  10. I haven't been able to keep a LTE signal at times from that tower. They are doing some kind of upgrades/updates.
  11. Hmm.. that's still a few miles away from my wife's school. They need one to cover the Spencer's Plantation area. I still cannot hold a 1x out there. Although we do roam a lot more while at her school, and Sprint has confirmed that area is in a weak signal area. I finally have a strong enough signal in my driveway to pull LTE and 1x, but still not strong enough in the house to get rid of the Airave. Downtown has been great, they just need to fix the holes in Clay County, 2 of which affect me.
  12. Is there anyway to check if 1x is on 800mhz? I have a GS3 and refuse to upgrade with Sprint until I can get a usable signal at my house. How does it show up in debug? I know that I won't see band26 on LTE with this phone.
  13. Some of the towers out my way *blanding blvd/old jennings middleburg) are still being worked on, at least according to escalated support (Dan@sprint.com). Not sure what they are doing to them, but some days I have to cycle airplane mode with the phone (GS3) next to the Airave to reconnect on that. It sees just enough signal from a tower to try to connect, only to drop again every 10-15 seconds. I did get a monthly credit for 6 months due to those issues. It's good to see that there is some signal work being done, but having it drop every 10-15 seconds is not good for a call, especially since the Airave won't hand off to the towers. I can now carry a call into the neighborhood and to my driveway. I cannot make another call out though unless I connect to the Airave or go down the street a ways. Here is what it looks like standing on my back porch with the Airave off. I have had it connect to LTE the other night, but as soon as I went into the debug, it dropped back to 3G and LTE was not connected. Riverside is rocking the LTE now, going down Park st, I no longer drop connection on Milk Music. The signal does drop some around Park and King, but stays strong enough to keep LTE.
  14. I might have caught that this morning once I was north of Old Jennings. Slightly better signal in that area. Will need to map it out. I did notice that today was the first day in a few weeks that I didnt get EHRPD errors when I left the house and airave and finally flipped to 3G. Probably not connected, but interesting that they are working in this area.
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