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  1. Med school bout to start on wed

  2. Chilling in anguilla

  3. Great result either way

  4. In Puerto Rico already missing the USA

  5. Wow Mark Reynolds !!!!

  6. Lets Go Orioles, we bout to turn Yankee stadium into Camden North @KenWeinmanSport @masnSteve

  7. I will be back one day... hopefully soon

  8. Oh and don't you worry, I will still be following the @Orioles and @Ravens even in med school #believeinbaltimore

  9. Orioles looking nice

  10. If you haven't been with this team through the losing, you don't deserve to be enjoying this team now when their winning @masnSteve

  11. Loving Nate Mclouth !!!!!

  12. Can't believe I start med school in a week #killmenow

  13. David Decastro should just take the year off, Steelers ain't gonna be doing shit this year any way #afcnorthbelongstotheravens

  14. At this point I gotta agree with @MarkZinno , Tucker should be the ravens kicker. After AFC championship last year, Cundiff can't be trusted

  15. Bernard Pollard aka BP @Crushboy31 is a true raven through and through

  16. For all those people complaining that the Os don't get attention from @espn , they were the lead story tonight but for all the wrong reasons

  17. 3-3 road trip not bad but we lost our wildcard spot

  18. Oakland should help the Orioles too by losing, hell Tampa and NY did

  19. Jim Johnson time....

  20. Tampa won, let's hope Yankees and A's lose tonight

  21. Cant wait to play some new madden, watch the new @BreakingBad_AMC show and chill

  22. Meant to say back to the United States, can't wait to get back to Baltimore to watch the Orioles

  23. Ravens Offense looks damn good tonight

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