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  1. Winfield Rd. & Ferry Warrenville
  2. got money burning a hole in my pocket for a tablet just need to wait and see...
  3. Streaming Netflix on LTE off my EVO :^)

  4. I live out in the west burbs and have increasingly been running into LTE without cycling through airplane mode to see it. I have usually been within a mile of each tower that I get LTE connectivity so signal strength\distance may be why you have to switch between airplane mode so much. Considering I used to get squat not too long ago I feel that great progress has been made out here.
  5. This was what I was getting in Warrenville off Winfield Rd near I88 LTE cut out on the upload portion of the test.
  6. LTE signal at kirk rd and butterfied 6 down 2 up was not stationary
  7. yeah the tower is on the corner of the golf course
  8. Was running some errands near Route 59 & 87th got me some LTE
  9. good news for me then thanks
  10. Had the same issue all the way down butterfield from Route59 to north Aurora
  11. Pass through the area all the time haven't seen anything different personally but then again I never seem to be in the right place at the right time.
  12. If HTC puts out a 5in phone Samsung and others will sue im sure to hold it back along with any others that may come out because that seems to be the norm these days for the big phone makers.
  13. Soon very soon I feelz it in me bones that or its early onset arthritis arthritis
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