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  1. Mine says android pay as well... Now I can't use it since it can't confirm my software version of Android being compatible.
  2. These speeds cause me much disappointment that the note 4 does support CA!
  3. For anyone who has done the update, we're you rooted? I don't want to lose root. Especially not if the majority are having battery life issues.
  4. I am more than happy with the New Sprint. It doesn't hurt that at home and my office my phone lives in B41 almost 100% of the time.
  5. Oh ok, I know my area has been wonderful for a few months now. I just didn't realize Cincinnati wasn't complete. The combination of the network build with my Note 4 is really remarkable. Went from unusable fringe signal on an S3 to phenomenal performance in the exact same place.
  6. So was the Cincinnati market not completed? Or are we @ the top of the Spark list after the shake up?
  7. I haven't had any problems with the finger print scanner. I am disappointed that my volume keys are jus slightly loose. Not solid feeling like the power button.
  8. I am coming from the s3 also and it is unbelievable the difference. My first speed test was over 30Mbps down. This phone is so quick and snappy, what an improvement.
  9. I had no issues what so ever at Best Buy. However there will be many people pissed. They didn't let the Verizon people know in advance that it was postponed by Verizon... And apparently if you didn't do the pre order early they didn't all come in yet. Another guy with Sprint was told the next shipment is Tuesday! I also totally agree this thing is a beast!!! Good Luck to all the others.
  10. 1st one in to best buy! Sent from the cosmos
  11. That is weird. I think the lack of cohesive service is a real shame with every large company these days. No one gets the same answer twice. Sent from the cosmos
  12. They sold out of pre orders. I don't think it was the system issue. The only carrier they didn't sell out was AT&T. Sent from the cosmos
  13. Just got my best buy email. Ready tomorrow. Sent from the cosmos
  14. For me the 2 year contract price should be equal either place and at Best Buy I don't have to wait for the rebate from Samsung. I also only put $50 down on the pre-order instead of $350 that sprint wanted on the first day. Sent from the cosmos
  15. Yep same here. I am excited but I can survive one more day. I have been waiting since April 1st when I was eligible and decided against the S5. I am super glad I did this thing is a beast. Sent from the cosmos
  16. Just called BB and a store near me said they hadn't gotten them all in and hadn't put the names on them yet. So I called the store I put my pre order with and the guy wouldn't even put me through to the mobile department just said Friday, the release date is Friday. Sent from the cosmos
  17. Ugh the Best Buy promo worked out best for me, but I want it now! Sent from the cosmos
  18. Sprint wanted $75 if they had to use a part so I just took my chances. My son has an S3 also and his is having charger port issues. Sent from the cosmos
  19. I called and got the standard, you will get an email. Sent from the cosmos
  20. I just called the best buy I ordered from and asked when it should be in, was told the 17th and I will get an email in advance... What are the chances that changes? Sent from the cosmos
  21. I just can't deal with the poor quality and high price of otterbox anymore. I may pick up a case once I see how it feels. I don't let my kids play on my phone, my wife on the other hand... Sent from the cosmos
  22. I was planning on going case free this time and getting good the spigen glas.tr. Sent from the cosmos
  23. No problem it was on sale when I was in doing my pre order and the Samsung rep pointed it out. As a bonus it comes with a 4GB card a charger and sync cable that don't go with the trade. My son is getting the SD card and charger as back ups for his S3! Pretty good deal all around really! Sent from the cosmos
  24. I was told 3 times 3 separate stores it qualifies. It shows up in the trade in center for no value. Sent from the cosmos
  25. I bought a ZTE midnight Net 10 phone for $20 @ Best Buy. Sent from the cosmos
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