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  1. RT @Brewers: If this gets 2K retweets by the end of the game, we'll give away this copy of @SInow signed by @C_Gomez27! #whiff http://t.co/…

  2. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I have created the ticket. Hopefully if anyone else is on Ting and they see this, it will help them get their Nexus 5 back on Sprint should they switch back.
  3. Thanks for the response lilotimz, I called Ting and nothing is holding it back according to them. The Sprint store was using the hex version of the MEID/IMEI to try and activate, but they may have had to use the dec version of the number for it to work. I'm going to have them try both tonight after work.
  4. So i have attempted to switch back to Sprint from Ting. I wanted to lower my bill about 6 months ago and i switched to Ting which has been a great experience. Now that i have been using my device more, i decided to switch back to Sprint on a Framily plan. The problem is my old account is in the Sprint system still and my Nexus 5 can't be activated for some reason. The Sprint system is not taking my MEID/IMEI. I have been to the Sprint store a few times and have talked to ALOT of Sprint reps in Finance, Sales, and Customer service. The funny thing is, ATT and Tmobile have no issues when i put i
  5. RT @leap36: HaHa can wear 36, trust me, #gopackgo#anothergreatpickbyted

  6. RT @AdamSchefter: Anyone else want to try and help out the Green Bay Packers?

  7. has anyone had an issue with people hearing you speaking on the phone. It's weird, if i hold the phone a certain way it gets muted or does not pick up my voice. Strange.
  8. I wonder if this issue will make Sprint want to bring VOIP sooner rather than later, if even possible once 800SMR LTE is active.
  9. Here in the Milwaukee market, they were doing 4G only towers for about a month or two trying to get as many 4G towers up and running. Since then they are only activating towers as fully complete, and bringing them up in clusters.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Mostly mature markets are the ones who have the LTE signals on the Nexus.
  11. Market: Milwaukee Site ID Tested: ML73XC213 Device Acquired From: Play Store Activated via: Sprint Sim from International Chat Does LTE work: No
  12. For those who are getting good battery life, did you do anything different to optimize it? I just went into location services and noticed a setting was listed as "High Accuracy". I switched it to "Battery Saving" as i am getting terrible battery life. I have been off charger for around 2 hours and am at 89% with hardly any usage. I may do a factory reset tonight if this setting does not improve it.
  13. So far it seems battery life has been worse than my EVO LTE. Maybe i need to drain it past 50% to get the battery indicator to be more accurate. I believe the EVO LTE had a 2100 mah battery, so i should be seeing better life or the same.
  14. Ive had the device activated since 6pm yesterday. Initial thoughts: Very solid feeling device, and very light Screen is pretty nice, i like the increased resolution vs my Evo LTE Battery goes in 5% intervals, which makes it feel like it drains faster I made a phone call and it was EXTREMELY clear, best sounding call ive ever had on Sprint I can confirm the device will not connect to LTE Kitkat is very fast, and the device is much faster than my Evo LTE. going back to the Evo feels like Slo-Mo I need to find a different case, i have the Spigen Neo-Hybrid and it is way to bulky, i will proba
  15. I am assuming this is the page i will be able to activate the Nexus 5 from once i get my Sprint sim tomorrow?
  16. RT @Brewers: When this tweet gets 1000 RTs, we'll give away a ball signed by Gallardo >>> https://t.co/TRIAqwQfo8 #Brewers

  17. Apparently the regular refs are not much better than the rent-a-refs from the Seattle game....soo frustrating

  18. RT @Brewers Lineup vs SD: Hart 1B, Aoki RF, Braun LF, Ramirez 3B, Weeks 2B, Ransom SS, Morgan CF, Maldonado C, Fiers P

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