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  1. RT @Brewers: If this gets 2K retweets by the end of the game, we'll give away this copy of @SInow signed by @C_Gomez27! #whiff http://t.co/…

  2. RT @leap36: HaHa can wear 36, trust me, #gopackgo#anothergreatpickbyted

  3. RT @AdamSchefter: Anyone else want to try and help out the Green Bay Packers?

  4. RT @Brewers: When this tweet gets 1000 RTs, we'll give away a ball signed by Gallardo >>> https://t.co/TRIAqwQfo8 #Brewers

  5. Apparently the regular refs are not much better than the rent-a-refs from the Seattle game....soo frustrating

  6. RT @Brewers Lineup vs SD: Hart 1B, Aoki RF, Braun LF, Ramirez 3B, Weeks 2B, Ransom SS, Morgan CF, Maldonado C, Fiers P

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