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  1. Im not sure which tower or location the B41 is coming from. In my house i get 1-2 bars of B25...i have not picked up B26 yet at home. So it seems i am getting the same B41 signal strength as B25 at home which is nice.
  2. I'm in Waukesha near Sunset and Grand ave. Getting 1 bar of Band 41 in my house, 22 down 5 up. Finally!!!
  3. RT @Brewers: If this gets 2K retweets by the end of the game, we'll give away this copy of @SInow signed by @C_Gomez27! #whiff http://t.co/…

  4. Also wanted to note my experience at State Fair this year. It is a little better this year, can actually use voice service, but texting, data, picture messaging was unusable. I was sitting most of the time with just a regular voice signal. I did pick up LTE on the south side of the grounds, but it was not usable. This is to be expected from such a large event, just wanted to share my experience.
  5. I don't think any of the optimization has even started yet. I never hold on to a B26 connection for more then a few minutes. There are still alot of holes with no LTE at all in the SE Wisconsin area compared to the competition. I think tower location is a pretty big issue for Sprint in this area.
  6. They have no choice but to wait. I am in the Milwaukee area and my phone is on 3G still way to much. The coverage map shows LTE everywhere because it is there (only B25 for the most part), but they need to get B41 and B26 fully deployed so they can optimize the network. I was in Tampa, FL over the 4th of July and i can say that was a fantastic Sprint experience. Can't wait till i get that performance at home.
  7. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I have created the ticket. Hopefully if anyone else is on Ting and they see this, it will help them get their Nexus 5 back on Sprint should they switch back.
  8. Thanks for the response lilotimz, I called Ting and nothing is holding it back according to them. The Sprint store was using the hex version of the MEID/IMEI to try and activate, but they may have had to use the dec version of the number for it to work. I'm going to have them try both tonight after work.
  9. So i have attempted to switch back to Sprint from Ting. I wanted to lower my bill about 6 months ago and i switched to Ting which has been a great experience. Now that i have been using my device more, i decided to switch back to Sprint on a Framily plan. The problem is my old account is in the Sprint system still and my Nexus 5 can't be activated for some reason. The Sprint system is not taking my MEID/IMEI. I have been to the Sprint store a few times and have talked to ALOT of Sprint reps in Finance, Sales, and Customer service. The funny thing is, ATT and Tmobile have no issues when i put i
  10. I think my experience has been a bit worse than yours. I fully understand that our market is no where near complete, but i still believe my phone is on 3G too much. Overall, i would say i am disappointed in the lack of progress in our market. When i do have LTE it always seems to be 1-2 bars and I am still having to toggle airplane mode to get on 4G sometimes. Hopefully it will ramp up again soon and get better. Now, i am currently writing this from Tampa, FL. I can tell you that if Sprint can get the Milwaukee market to the quality of the Tampa market, we will be in HEAVEN! I can not beli
  11. RT @leap36: HaHa can wear 36, trust me, #gopackgo#anothergreatpickbyted

  12. Well, the last tower in the City of Waukesha went live this weekend. I used to get 1 bar of LTE from a farther away tower and now i have 3 bars at home, roughly a -94 signal. I will do some driving this weekend to see how well our area is covered with LTE.
  13. I don't doubt that coverage map. I am seeing alot of times that i have a low-mid LTE signal and my 3G takes over because it is stronger. Just waiting for all these towers to update and we should be golden.
  14. aackmann, I saw your post in the Sponsor forum regarding the spottiness of the current LTE deployment in MKE. I kind of feel the same way as you. I want to believe the same as you that Sprint will have a better LTE footprint then what has been shown. Sprint is still fine tuning the towers in Waukesha, there is evidence of this as i am picking up a signal that is a couple miles away inside my house. The thing is...i have the Nexus 5. I think having a solid RF Tri-band phone is going to be key in getting good reception. Also, there are still quite a few towers that need to be completed to g
  15. The maps were updated, looks like almost all of Waukesha is 3g/4g complete....except my home tower! I knew I was going to suffer! Lol, I do have a 1 bar usable LTE signal at home which is nice though. Can't wait for that last Waukesha tower to get finished.
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