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  1. All ATT want to do is to keep Cricket spectrum and its CDMA network away from Sprint. ATT doesn't really care about Cricket customers.
  2. Getting 3 bands on every site is not enough, we need have the monster like China Mobile to team up with Sprint to add 200,000 sites into the coverage map for 1st round and another 200,000 sites to put coverage in every office building in top 10 metro and all elevators in top 5 metro and all subways and all shopping malls. That's the answer of China Mobile gave to all doubts about the 2500mhz LTE in their monster roll out from last year. They are adding 2nd 200,000 sites in China now. You won't have any problem about penetration and less coverage on 2500mhz because you will have micro sites to cover major office buildings in all top metros including elevators over there. But FCC just doesn't want to have the consumers here have a strong NO.3 to compete with twin bells.
  3. Harrisburg and York are in Shentel hands. And we know they did a great job to roll out LTE. Lancaster is in the hands of Alcatel but it has priority focus on Philly or Allentown. Sometimes I hope Lancaster will be assigned to Shentel to deploy LTE.
  4. It will end up with bigger advantage in Verizon and ATT. I can't imagine what the 600mhz auction will be. Maybe it will top 100 Billion.
  5. FCC is the one to blame for all the mass in US market. In many country, the spectrum was assigned in a much better way. So telecoms sell service and third parties sell phones. And phones can switch network by just switching sim card. In US, phones are locked to certain network when they were manufactured. Even ATT/TMOBILE phones can switch to each other's networks, but Verizon/Sprint won't. All in all, FCC did a great job in last decade.
  6. Insider transaction didn't necessarily mean what may happen to the company. PCS has its president/CEO/high Execs sold tons of shares before those shares got transformed to TMUS shares. We all knew if they keep them their share value will be more than doubled in 2013. But they did it for some other reason or someone told them to do so. And I don't think softbank will buy out S shareholders to take S private. If anyone remembered how much trouble Tmobile had to buy PCS, taking it to private will bring all those sharks like Paulson/Cooperman to fight Softbank for higher bid. Why spend the big money they can invest on network to feed those mutual fund?
  7. Not a plan for everyone. There are people who have no interest and time to deal with ebay to save $200 over 2 years.
  8. In US, just NYC/CHICAGO need this kind of density. So it won't be too crazy for them. In Japan, they may have 10 cities need this kind of deployment. But their current priority should be deployment of 8T8R in big metros and B26 across the nation.
  9. My question is does Sprint pay backhaul vendors by fiber bandwidth? Otherwise why don't lay down the top bandwidth from beginning.
  10. The network upgrade should be the other focus next to the price competition. Sprint needs an aggressive/nasty network chief to accelerate the NV roll-out speed. The culture in their KC headquarter should be transformed to be aggressive and mean. The new management team has to remind the workers there repeatedly they need work harder otherwise the company will be out of business. The environment was just too comfortable when Hesse was there. At the end Marcelo let us see some hope there.
  11. Sprint may report loss of customers again but it could be modest. And it could be the last quarter before it turns to net addition of customers from 4th quarter this year. Commercial won the attention but the price point will win the business. If Sprint can keep the edge of price over Tmobile, it will turn positive on customer base in the 4th quarter for sure.
  12. Tmobile result came in with nice figures. But it could be the peak of their momentum then there is downturn waiting for it. Marcelo turned Sprint aggressive to compete on price to crackdown Tmobile on price point from late Sep. We shall see everything to be clear in 4th quarter. They really should abandon the Tmobile merger plan and spend the merger budget on network from 1st half of this year. But all in all, Marcelo is the right pick and Sprint is on the right track now.
  13. I think all of us are different from each other more or less. Selling the old one to pay for the new one ($649 of the basic 16GB iPhone 6), compared to pay $480 (for basic model of 16GB iPhone 6) in two years for lease and get another one with same deal. To some people there is not a big difference. The iPhone for life plan won't be liked by everyone as no plan will be. But surely it will bring a lot of customer as it is easy to understand and simple. And it is an option for the people in US. In China and Japan they don't have this kind of deal. I would bet that at least 5% of the 600 million users of China Mobile would appreciate this kind of deal for iPhone. It is equal to 30 million users. btw I will stick with the galaxy note series as this is the best for me.
  14. Marcelo is the man who can turn it around. It makes perfect sense they should focus b41 roll-out in big metro urban area. In the small town (50,000 people) I live we need B26 instead. B41 in my town is not must-have. Give us B26 and give NYC/LAX as much B41 as possible. Also thanks to Robert. It's a good day for Sprint and all S4GRU members. We got a captain who worries every day about how to accelerate the deployment and fight to get customers back.
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